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V/e.>j mnuth iVm r + h jj ■ g ^ School, 
N/ea^r book 




JUM t 6 76 


On December 17, 1903, in Kitty hawk, North Carolina, two brothers 
changed the course of the world. They flew a craft which, carrying a man, 
raised itself by its own power into the air in full flight, sailed forward 
withour reduction of speed, and finally landed 852 feet from its starting 
point. Unmistakably, this was not the result of normal, everyday thinking. 
It took revolutionary ideas from two original men to bring about this event. 
By their will to be different, by their courage to face the mockery and 
sarcasm that is present when all new and unusual ideas are tried, the 
Wright Brothers initiated the realization of man's oldest and fondest 
dream: To Fly. E«^wl 

We have seen in the young Americans of today, thinking that is just 
as awe-inspiring, just as original, and just as courageous. When we were 
younger, so much younger than today, we witnessed the campus riots over 
Vietnam. We heard people belittle those who participated in the demon- 
strations and the ideals for which they stood. But it was original thinking by 
concerned, outstanding Americans which helped to dig out the real facts 
and expose them to the more passive citizens. Without the unprecedented 
actions of these concerned Americans, the Vietman War might still be 
going on, an unpublished, unspeakable, inhumane entanglement that 
would have assuredly tightened its noose around the American economy 
and the American people. 

The war is over now; the protests and riots have faded into the vast 
history of America. But what about tomorrow? Who shall speak out about 
injustices and bring those hidden wrongs into the public arena? Who will 
be the ever-vigilant upholders of the ideals and dreams upon which this 
country was founded? 

It is we. We are the future leaders of this country; the future 
designers and builders of machines like the Wrights \ Most important, we 
are the future advocates of mankind. We are the hope of tomorrow. 
Together we will build an America which no generation of Americans has 
experienced before. 

We will attempt a new kind of flight, a flight that will send the 
mockers and belittlers into a rude realization: the realization that this 
generation, unlike previous ones, will fly to the sun. But we are not like 
Icarus, whose wings were made of wax. Our wings are made of 
determination: the determination to build a new community among all 
people, a new sense of care and responsibility for this ravaged earth of 
ours. These wings will not melt, they will grow ever stronger, and will fly 
all people of all nations toward a New Day. 

Warren Marble 


--v ■ ' 



Dear Graduates. 

June 4, 1976 

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it 
was the age of foolishness." These immortal words written by Charles Dickens in 1859 
can be aptly applied to almost any given time segment in history. It was certainly true in 
1775 when our nation stood at the crossroads of its national future. A small group of 
colonists fired the shot "heard round the world", and launched the American Ship of 
State on the uncharted waters of a new found freedom. 

Two hundred years later those same words from "A Tale of Two Cities" can be 
heard again. As graduates about to venture into the new and wonderful world of adult 
maturity, you will at times hear the prophets of gloom and doom say they are happy 
they are not your age, and starting out in life again. But I say to you, that your 
willingness to accept challenge with the boundless enthusiasm of youth is the mark of 
greatness that has made, and will make, our country the acknowledged leader of 

What I am saying is as old as education itself. You, the graduates, are this 
schools most valuable assets. The staff and faculty have made every effort to produce a 
mature, responsible citizen leader, and we are proud of you. You are the start of a 
second two hundred years of human progress. The future will be challenging and 
sometimes difficult, but you, with your confidence born of youth will pick up the 
gauntlet and succeed. This is progress, and we at Weymouth North High School are 
proud to say we will have a part in your future. 


William T. Kearns, 



It was the summer of 1976 as I recall. Four hundred and fifty-four 
strong, we were known as the bicentennial class, individuals thrown 
together by the sands of time and the winds of chance, young Americans 
eager to test the wings of maturity that had, for so long, been in the 
growing process, young people anxious to make their imprint upon the 

Our arches strained by platform shoes, we danced into the suburban 
league playoffs. We were eaten by "Jaws" and freaked out by Zappa. Ties 
and sweaters were out: the now thing was the dirtiest dungarees and the 
smelliest work shirt you could find. 

When someone said, "finals," we all laughed — then cried. When guid- 
ance pointed toward college we all asked for directions, until we counted 
our bucks. Senior year the Red Sox almost won the series and our teach- 
ers almost went on strike — almost. 

We were shocked by Watergate and saw a president resign. We were 
there to see bussing go into effect and we watched as discrimination 
raised its ugly head. We were there to feel the squeeze of unemployment 
and to taste the fear of graduating with no job prospects. Whipping infla- 
tion now with Jerry Ford, we were there to boycott meat and to see gaso- 
line become more precious than gold. We were forgetting Vietnam and 
trying to ignore Angola. 

We saw it all from streaking to striking; from War to Peace. But whatev- 
er happened, or happens — rest assured we were and still are, The Spirit 
of '76.' 


Warren Marble 


Lynda J. Brown 

Diana Burbank 

Terese A. Burnett 

Dennis M. Butler 


Tara L. Coveney 

Sally A. Cross William F. Cross III 


David J. Crowley 

James Ferretti 

Robert P. Filaccio 

Daniel C. Fillingim 

Paul J. Fiorini 

Susan M. Fisher 

William D. Fitzgerald 


Robert S. Fratus Kathleen Frazier Patricia M. Fuda 

Cheryl A. Garofalo Susan J. Carrity Nancy J. Garvey 


Joseph P. Guiducci 


William S. Hill 

Jeffrey A. Hollander Christopher I. Hoyt James R. Hoyt 



Brian L. Kain Michael A. Kalaijian Susan M.P. Kamash 


Cayle L. Knowles 

Mr. Shanahan Nancy A. Leo 


Thomas W. Lundquist 

Nancy E. Lynch Kathleen A. Lyons Carol A. MacDonald 


Kathleen Mascaro Michael A. Masison Margaret A. Mathewson 

Paul J. McAuliffe Matthew G. McBrine Kelli D. McBurnie 

5 1 

Donna J. Melville 


Elizabeth J. Rich 


Robert F. Smollett John E. Snyder . Bernis R. Soper 

Keith S. Spain Joseph P. Spallino Robert M. Spallino 




Loreen F. Alosi 

Joan E. Cosgrove 


Pamela A. Daley 

Stephen A. DeAmicis 

Valerie DiSalvo 


Sandra L. Gould Susan E. Cutterson Steven T. Henry 


William D. Jetter 

Claire F. Long 


Susan M. (/.inley Christine Mc Neil Karen Gullickson 


Andrea Silva 




1st Row — Ronda Windrel, Kathleen Totman, Marie 
Dentino, Mary Green, Peri-Ann Reilly, Diane Meigs. 2nd 
Row — Michael Richard, Thomas Miley, Craig Morgan, 
George Ghiorse, Charlotte McDonald, Andrea Forbes, 
Stephen Chop, Richard Hanabury, Kenneth Arvidson 

1st Row — William McElligott, Patricia Marinos, Jean 
Condito, Sheila Kelleher, Rita Diment, Joseph Thomas. 
2nd Row — William Wilson, Stephen Shoff, John 
DeCoste, Lois Mosca, Renzo Mazzoni, Donald Larkin 


1st Row — Mary Quintin, Patricia O'Connell, Alice 
Mulligan, Marilyn Anderson, Gail Farley, Susan 
Cartland. 2nd Row — Nancy Cornell, Clement Horrigan, 
Stephen Gregg, Arnold Chase, Walter Murphy, Carolyn 
Cragin, Marcia St. John, Charles Sidman, William 
Nelson, Wilfred Roberts 

1st Row — Constance Tansey, Mary Doucette, Lucy 
Kalaijian, Joyce Cooksey, Janice Joyce, Patricia DiPillo. 
2nd Row — William Donoghue, Marie Moss, David 
Wiedmann, Ida Simpson, George Player, John Abbott 



BAND — 1st Row: Seth Rosenhek, 
Susan Donald, Don Liuzzi, Timothy 
Blanchard, Cino Spallino, Graham 
Toon, Dennis Butler. 2nd Row: Mr. 
Brayton, Eleanor O'Neil, Theresa 
Hoitt, Debbie Cook, Carla Leone, 
Linda jackson, Sheryl Scott, Chris 
O'Connor, Rosalyn Hoyt. 3rd Row: 
Susan McLaskey, Sandra Olsson, Jane 
O'Connor, Gary Peterson, Ronald 
Myers, Ross Bennett, Alison Chester, 
James Walling, Thomas Walsh, 
Mathew Pettograsso, Robert Rogers. 
4th Row: John Tansey, John Williams, 
David Dillon, Stephen Moody, Mi- 
chael D'Arrigo, William McWalter, 
Andrew Cady, Mark Stewart, Stephen 
Foley, John Shields, Stephen Brown, 
Richard Walsh. 5th Row: Sandra 
Brayton, Marilyn Tansey, Janet Kerr, 
Joan Schatzl, Anthony Cavallo, Chris- 
topher Hoyt, Joseph Spallino, James 
Byrne, Kenneth Moors 

CHORUS — 1st Row: Sue Nangle, 
Deborah Hone, Betsy Rae, Audrey 
Penniman, Debbie Cahoon, Mrs. 
Hodges, Terry Anderson, Diana 
Morse, Jean Byrne, Lisa Peruzzi, 
Marianne Hankard, Anne Dalto. 
2nd Row: Cheryl Dunbar, Cathy 
McCrath, Elizabeth Carvell, Karen 
Rogers, Linda Begley, Ellen Burke, 
Sue Clinton, Kim Marchatti, 
Debbie Gardiner, Karen Porter, 
Nancy Leo, Tina Poulous, Kathy 
Supernon. 3rd Row: Lynn Porter, 
Jane Meade, Karen David, Linda 
Hutchinson, Tammy Gaetar, Robin 
Hayward, Karen Ramondi, Judy 
Cadman, Donna Scanlon, Maureen 
Johnson, Mary Johnson 

— Deborah Rogers, Coleen 
Nelson, Sandra Parker, Kathy 
Lyons, Mrs. Hodges, Sandra 
Brayton, Sandra Robinson, 
Elaine Jennings, Donna Hall. 
2nd Row — Elaine Phillips, 
Carolyn Smith, Alison Chester, 
Natilie Austin, Holly Adams, 
Chris McNeil, Lynn Porter, 
Linda Bates, MaryLou Hut- 
chinson, Penny Alemian, 
Cindy Peruzzi, Eleanor O'NeH. 
3rd Row — Ron Howe, Kevin 
Duff, John Robinson, Jeff 
Porter, Steve Blake, Robert 
Spallino, John Keenan, Ed 



ADAMS, JOHN W. 43 Carrol St., E. 

AIELLO, MARIANNE. "Mare". 88 Harding 
Ave., Weymouth. JMSVC. Works at 
Somerset Nursing Home, Weymouth. 
Enjoys swimming, bike riding, reading, 
skating. Dyn-a-mite. FP — Nursing. MME 
— Concerts, parties, and Paul. 

ALEMIAN, PENNY. 508 East St., E. 
Weymouth, Student Council — 3 years, 
Pres., Honor Society, Student Govern- 
ment Representative, Yearbook, Project 
Part-Time, Concert Choir, Ski Club, Pep 
Club, Cheerleading — 2 years, Captain. 

Suwanee Rd., E. Weymouth. Gymnastics. 
FP — Dental Hygiene. 

ALOSI, LOREEN F. "Laurie". 104 Clinton 
Rd., E. Weymouth. Cap and Gown Com- 
mittee, Journal, Gymnastics, Track. 
Drawing, dancing. FP — Interior Decora- 

ALUKONIS, JOAN M. 140 Donnellan 
Circle, N. Weymouth. Honor Society, 
Yearbook, Cap and Gown Committee, 
Prom Committee, Cheerleader. FP — 

ANDERSON, TERESA M. "Terri". 124 
Fuller Rd., N. Weymouth. Journal, Year- 
book, Cap and Gown Committee, Prom 
Committee. FP — College and a career in 
Theatre Arts. 

ARIES, JOSEPH M. "Ears". 55 Butler Rd., E. 
Weymouth. Works at Angelos, Plays soft- 
ball and hockey. FP — Truck Driver. 

ASHLAND, JOHN C. "Head". 25 Elva Rd., 
N. Weymouth. Student Council — Trea- 
surer, Project Part-Time, Football, Base- 
ball, Wrestling. CYO. FP — College. 

AuCOIN, STEPHEN W. 80 Academy Ave., 
Weymouth. Gymnastics. Art. FP — Com- 
mercial Artist. 

AUSTIN, NATALIE S. "Nat". 55 Fort Point 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Senior Nominating 
Committee, German Club, Concert Choir, 
Chorale, Musicals. Rainbow, Guitar 
playing, Singing. Wicked Good. FP — 
Operating Room Technician. MME — 
Singing the 12 Days of Christmas in 6th 
per. study. 


BAKISH, RICHARD J. 75 Madison St., E. 
Weymouth. Debate Team. FP — Attend 
college to become an engineer. 

BARILLOT, MICHAEL. 4 Friend St., E. 

BARTELS, RONALD K. "Ron". 41 Meredith 
Way, Weymouth. Tennis Teams. Hockey, 
Golf, Works at McDonald's FP — College. 
MME — When the Tennis Team's bus got 
stuck under a low bridge in Boston. 

BARTLETT, SUSAN E. "Sue". 27 Massasoit 
Rd., Weymouth. Share, Ice Skating. FP — 

BARZELAY, ROBERT B. "Bob", "Barz", 
"Buckshot". 86 Elva Rd., N. Weymouth. 
JMSVC, T.V. Club, Audio Visual Aide, 
Bowling League. 2 Bowling Leagues, 
boating, fishing, sports in general, girl 
watching, working at Omni I, Hingham. I 
hate Mondays. FP — Debating on field in 
television or Coast Guard. MME — Going 
to New Hampshire during summer vaca- 
tion to the Balsams. 

BATES, SUSAN M. "Sue". 57 Lake Shore 
Dr., Weymouth. German Club, Library 
Aide, Honors, Music, drawing, bowling. 
FP — College — Psychology, Sociology, 
German. MME — My trip to Florida in 

BAULIS, JOANNE F. 11 Linden Place, E. 
Weymouth. Cross Country, Tennis, Latin 

FP — Future Plans 

MME — Most Memorable Experience 

Club, Spanish Club, Honors. Tennis, 
skiing, bike-riding, working at Public 
Library. FP — Biology field — Cancer 

BEADY, RICHARD F. 88 Fuller Rd., 
Weymouth. Cross Country, Ski Club, 
Swim Team, Key Club. CYO, basketball, 
sailing, skiing. FP — Undecided. 

BERARDI, DONALD P. "Donnie". 109C 
Memorial Dr., E. Weymouth. Sports, 
horses. FP — Navy. 

BETTLE, PAUL F. "Gonk". 174 Heritage 
Lane, E. Weymouth. Basketball, Cross 
Country, Soccer, Baseball. CYO, basket- 
ball, cards, sports. Drop 'Em. FP — 

BIANCO, MARK S. 23 Center St., E. 
Weymouth. Baseball. 

BINNEY, PAMELA J. 6 Gilmore St., N. 
Weymouth. Swim Team — Co-Captain, 
Yearbook, Prom Committee, Cap and 
Gown Committee, Ski Club, Pep Club. FP 
— School. 

Blvd., Weymouth. Band. Swimming, 

BLASSER, JAYNE E. 129 Academy Ave., 
Weymouth. Horseback riding, listening to 
music, bowling, tennis. FP — Nursing. 

BOREN, ANNE L. 354 Green St., 
Weymouth. Gymnastics Manager, Girls 
Spring Track, Yearbook, sailing, bowling. 
Alright! FP — Going to college, then 
working, eventually marriage. MME — 
Having gone sailing all day with a friend. 

Country Way. Playing and teaching guitar. 
FP — Music college. 

BOYLE, JEAN M. 89 Colonial Rd., 
Weymouth. Listening to music and horse- 
back riding. FP — College. 


BRADY, JOHN J., JR. 10 Heritage Lane, E. 
Weymouth. Latin and Russian Clubs, 
Wrestling. Horseback riding. FP — 

BRADY, JOHN J. 31 Holmberg Rd., 
Weymouth. Football, Track. FP — 

BRAYTON, SANDRA. "Sandee". 50 Mt. 
Vernon Rd., E. Weymouth. Band, Concert 
Choir, Chorale, "Plenty of Money", "The 
Mikado", Senior Class Play, Cap and 
Gown Committee, Prom Committee. New 
England Music Festival, Weymouth Solo 
and Ensemble Music Festivals. FP — Edu- 
cation in music or nursing. 

BRAZER, MICHAEL R. 24 Idlewell Blvd., 
Weymouth. Conservation Club, Gym- 
nastics Team, Tennis Team. FP — College 
for engineering. 

BREEN, BONNIE G. 3 Wessagussett Rd., 

BROOKS, THOMAS C. Bike-riding, tennis. 
FP — Computer Programming. 

BROWN, LYNDA J. "Browning". 46 
Veronica Lane, E. Weymouth. Gymnastics. 
Working, listening to music, and partying. 
FP — Hairdressing school. 

BRYANT, JOHN J. 11 Neck St., N. 
Weymouth. Tennis and Debate Teams. 
Hunting and hockey. FP — Lawyer. 

BUCHANAN, DIANNE M. 123 Birchbrow 
Ave., N. Weymouth. Working at Somerset 
Nursing Home and waitressing at Eddie's 

BURBANK, DIANA. 74 Raymond St., E. 
Weymouth. Ski Club, Explorers Banking 
Program. Working at Rexalls, babysitting, 
and cooking. FP — To work in a bank. 

BURNETT, TERESE A. "Tracy". 64 Saning 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Student Council, Na- 
tional Honor Society, Girls Spring Track, 
and Yearbook. Swimming, sailing, 
camping, Explorers (Post 6), and playing 
the piano. FP — College. 

BUTLER, DENNIS M. Morningside Path, E. 
Weymouth. Band. FP — -College. 

CAHOON, DEBRA A. "Deb". 88 Harding 
Ave., Weymouth. Audio Visual Aide, Sec- 
retary for Math and Foreign Language. 
Music, nature, bingo. Oh no, I don't 
believe it! FP — Private Detective. MME 
— Year of '76. 

CALLAGHAN, JEFFREY P. "The Boop ". 155 
Green St., N. Weymouth. Electrical wiring. 
FP — Change the world. 

CAMPBELL, JAY E. 16 Laurel St., 

St., N. Weymouth. Cooking, bike-riding, 
photography. FP — Working. 

CAPOZZOLI, JANET L. 73 River St., N. 
Weymouth. Honor Roll. Cooking, skiing, 
scuba diving, working at Angelos. FP — 
College, scientific career. 

82 Randall Ave., E. Weymouth. Honors. 
Baking, ice skating, playing baseball. FP — 
Part-time work. 

CARLSON, JANET E. "Jan". 91 Rinaldo R., 
N. Weymouth. Honor Society, JMSVC. 
Works at Angelo's, patterning program. 
FP — Nursing. 

CARR, ROBERT J. "Father". 29 Lantern Ln., 
Weymouth. He who laughs last, laughs 
best. FP — College. MME — Locked keys 
in car. 

CARSON, DAVID T. 401 Green St., N. 
Weymouth. Ski Club, Big Brother Pro- 
gram. Sports, DeMolay. FP — College. 

CASAL, EILEEN. 5 Veronica Ln., Wey- 
mouth. Ski Club, Yearbook, Honor Soci- 
ety, Tennis Team, Senior Nominating 
Committee, Student Council, Reflections, 
Cheerleading. FP — College. MME — 
Ballet lessons, 1st time ever skiing. 

CASNA, NANCY J. 160 Sea St., N. 
Weymouth. FP — College. 

CASWELL, RICHARD E. 63 Parnell St., 

sagussett Rd., Weymouth. Prom Com- 
mittee, Cap and Gown Committee. Work- 
ing at McDonalds and volunteer work at 
Quincy City Hospital. Poetry is the key to 
imagination. FP — Nursing and writing. 
MME — First day as a volunteer at Quincy 
City Hospital. 

CAVALLO, ORLANDO N. "Ollie". 81 
Charles St., E. Weymouth. Football, Base- 
ball, Winter Track, Spring Track, Nomin- 
ating Committee. Weymouth Swim Team, 
music. FP — College — marine biology. 

31 Shaw St., Weymouth. Sailing Team, 
Hockey Team. Wessagussett Yacht Club, 
Weymouth Youth Hockey, Sports in gen- 
eral. FP — College. 

CENTER, LINDA L. "Lynnie". 25 Cranch 
St., E. Weymouth. German Club, Honors. 
Bowling, skating, dancing, music, work at 
a variety store. FP — Stewardess. 

CHAMBERS, DANA A. 55 Caldwell St., 
Weymouth. Work at Angelos, waterskiing, 

CHIOTASSO, LESLIE A. 27 Puritan Rd., 
Weymouth. Honors. Part-time work at 
Papa Gino's. Home is where the heart is. 
FP — College, English teacher or writing. 

CIPRIANO, PAMELA J. "Pam ". 45 Clematis 
Ave., Weymouth. JMSVC, Honor Society, 
Yearbook. Taught special children, played 
the guitar, worked at Burger King. FP — 

CIPULLO, CYNTHIA H. "Cindy". 19 Skelly 
Ave., Weymouth. Horizon Club, Work at 
Grant City. Try, try again. FP — Going to 
Night School, work. 

CLAPP, JANET E. 316 North St., Wey- 
mouth. Track, Co-Editor of Yearbook Art 
Staff, National Honor Society. Explorers, 
enjoy sewing, camping, crafts, work at 
Stop & Shop in Braintree. FP — X-ray 

CLARK, DOUGLAS Essex St., Weymouth. 
FP — School. MME — Getting out of 

CLARK, MICHAEL D. 57 Beal St., N. 
Weymouth. Watching Bruins, Celtics, Red 
Sox, FP — College. MME — Watching Sox 
win pennant. 

CLIFFORD, NANCY A. 69 Village Rd., 
Weymouth. Horseback riding, Yeabook 
Art Staff. Big Sister, South Shore Human 
Society, water skiing, meeting people, 
animals. FP — Hope to teach mentally re- 
tarded children. 

COLLINS, BRIAN L. 56 Marks Rd., 
Weymouth. Cross Country, Spring Track. 
Listening to music. 

COLLINS, CATHERINE E. "Katie". 42 King 
Cove Rd., N. Weymouth. Girls Swim 
Team. FP — Continue school, work in a 

COLLINS, ROBERTA J. "Berta ". 34 Peck- 
suot Rd., N. Weymouth. MME — Getting 
hit by a garbage truck. 


Middle St., Weymouth. Volleyball. FP — 
Medical School. 

COSGROVE, JOAN E. 16 Hewett Rd., 
Weymouth. Honor Roll. 

COUNTIE, SHARON A. 32 Madison St., 
Weymouth. Mountain Climbing, concerts. 
FP — Attend a Business College. MME — 

COVENEY, TARA L. 25 Memorial Dr., 
Weymouth. Honor Roll. FP — Attend 
Business School. 

CREED, THOMAS E. "Tom". 124 Gilbert 
Rd., Weymouth. Gymnastics, Honor Roll. 
Yard worker, stamp collecting, coin 
collecting. Live life to its fullest. FP — 
College — Accounting. MME — Two- 
week vacation in Switzerland, school. 


CROSS, SALLY A. 32 Pearl St., N. 
Weymouth. FP — Secretary. 

CROSS, WILLIAM F. "Bill". 16 Bell Rd., 
Weymouth. FP — Service or college. 

CROWLEY, DAVID J. "Crowl". 53 Frank 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Soccer, Baseball, Ski 
Club, Debate Team, Honor Roll. FP — 
Ambassador to New Zealand. 


CUDDAHY, MARY J. "Punk". 27 Bicki.ell 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Secretary of Bicknell 
Road's Partying Association. FP — Secre- 

CUCNO, MARY E. "Cookie". 157 Hanian 
Dr., E. Weymouth. Ski Club, Honor Roll. 
Working at Sear's. FP — Nursing. 

CUNNIFF, ROSE A. 1189 Pleasant St., E. 

CUNNINGHAM, LYNN A. 93 Wilson Ave., 
Weymouth. Partying & concerts. MME — 
Sitting outside at lunch and coming back 
in and having 10 teachers staring you in 
the eyes. 

CURRAN, JAMES O. "Bibs". 79B Memorial 
Dr., Weymouth. Riflery. FP — Wentworth 
Institute — engineer. 

CURRAN, KATHLEEN. 35 Katherine St., N. 
Weymouth. Cheerleading, Yearbook. Ex- 
plorers, YMCA, swimming, skiing. FP — 
Home Economics Teacher. 

CURRIER, CAROLE A. 48 Frank Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Honor Roll, Yearbook, Food 
Lab Assistant. Volunteer South Shore Hos- 
pital, cooking, reading, camping, swim- 
ming. FP — College. 

CURTIS, SUSAN M. "Sue". 22 Erville Lane, 
Weymouth. National Honor Society, Ski 
Club. Horseback riding and her horse. 
Oh, I'm sorry! FP — Dental Assistant. 
MME — The day I graduate from North 

CUSHMAN, CHARLES C. "Chuck". 10 
Marion Rd., N. Weymouth. Bundle boy — 
Angelo's, watching sports on TV. Wow- 
Wow! FP — To own my own business. 
MME — Have gone across country. 

Marks Rd., E. Weymouth. Powder Puff 
Football. Volunteer at Memorial School 
for Retarded. That's Cool! FP — Nurse. 

DALEY, PAMELA A. "Pam". 1270 Pleasant 
St., Weymouth. Cross Country, French 
Club, Pep Club. Volunteer at Memorial 
School for Retarded, Volunteer at South 
Shore Hospital. FP — Medical Career. 

DALTON, DARLENE P. 66 North St., 


DALY, JAMES P. "Jake", "Rico". 60 Wilson 
Ave., Weymouth. Chess Club, Ping Pong. 
Church, hockey, soccer, football, base- 
ball, drinking coke, partying, camping, 
playing with dog, Vitoe. Dig it, teach. FP 
— Astronaut. 

D'ANCELO, DAVID. 290 Green St., 
Weymouth. Football, Winter Track, Spring 
Track, Swim Team. FP — College. MME — 
Discus throw of 131 for 1st place. 

D'ARRIGO, FRANK P. 9 Lantern Ln., 
Weymouth. Football. FP — College. 

DAVENPORT, PETER M. "Dap". 100 Fuller 

Rd., Weymouth. Cross Country, Winter 
Track, Spring Track. FP — College. 

DeAMICIS, STEPHEN A. 1793 Commercial 
St., Weymouth. 

DeLUCA, RICHARD V. "Rise". 167 Lake 
St., Weymouth. Football, Baseball. Driving 
his Fiat. FP — College. MME — Doing this 

DelVECCHIO, DIANE M. 15 Colasanti Rd., 
Weymouth. Softball. Worked at Burger 
King. FP — Keypunch operator or com- 
puter operator. MME — Getting chased 
by Mr. Knight. 

Weymouth. Field Hockey, Basketball, 
Tennis. CYO, worked at McDonald's, 
Skiing, Softball. FP — Hopes to attend 
Holy Cross in the pre-medical sequence. 

DEVEAU, DAVID P. 77 Lovell St., 
Weymouth. Junior Usher. Water skiing, 
cars. FP — College. 

DEVINE, EILEEN. "Nini". 89 Putnam St., 
Weymouth. Gymnastics Team. Sewing, 
embroidering, swimming. FP — Peabody 

DEVINE, JAMES. "James Dean". 15 Elva 
Rd., Weymouth. Football, Hockey. Gettin' 
Guzzed. Alright. FP — Work. MME — Au- 

DINION, DELA B. 493 Middle St., 
Weymouth. Drama Club, Prom Com- 
mittee, Cap and Gown Committee. B'nai 
Brith Secretary, Political Campaign Work, 
Tennis. FP — Law. 

DiSALVO, VALERIE J. "Val". 10 Memorial 
Drive, Weymouth. Softball, Basketball, 
Pep Club, Field Hockey, Biology Lab. 

DOBSON, KATHY M. 42 Sandy Way, 

DOHERTY, JOHN. 1 Albert Rd., Wey- 
mouth. Wrestling, Soccer. Partying. FP — 
Cape Cod Community College. 

DOHERTY, PAMELA A. "Porky". 18 
Charles St., Weymouth. Softball, Basket- 
ball. Swimming, Figure skating. Pissa! FP 

— Bentley College. MME — Going to 
Marshfield High. 

Hawkins St., Weymouth. Russian Club, 
President of National Honor Society, 
Student Council, Latin Club. FP — 
College. MME — Camping in the rain. 

Middle St., Weymouth. Swim Team. Gym- 
nastics at YMCA. I was only kidding! FP — 


DONOVAN, GEORGE. "Gipper". 124 
Charles Diersch St., Weymouth. Basket- 
ball. Parties. Shut Up! FP— College. MME 

— Leaving school. 

DOWNEY, ANNE. 69 Great Hill Dr., 
Weymouth. Ski Club, Student Nominating 
Committee. Skiing, swimming, partying. 
FP — Bridgewater State — Elementary Ed- 

DOWNEY, HELEN. 27 Holbrook Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Yearbook, Pep Club. Skiing, 
working at Stop & Shop. FP — College. 

DOWNING, DEBBIE A. 211 Academy Ave., 

DUFF, KEVIN C. 51 Saning Rd., Wey- 
mouth. Drama Club, Russian Club, Con- 
cert Choir, Musicals, Yearbook, Fine Arts 
Chorale. FP — College. 

DUFFNEY, GEORGE W. 335 Green St., 
Weymouth. Drinking Cold Beer. FP — 
College (Keep out of the slammer). MME 

— Meeting Mr. Concannon. 

DUGUAY, DESIREE L. "Desi". 21 Ocean 
Ave., Weymouth. CCD Teacher of 2nd 
grade, horseback riding, swimming, 
sewing. FP — Nurse. 

DUNBAR, CHERYL A. 114 Sunrise Dr., 
Weymouth. Office Aid. Camping, skating, 
skiing. FP — College, work. 

DUVAL, MICHAEL J. "Mike". 11 Rosalind 
Rd., N. Weymouth. FP — Travel to 
Mexico. MME — Little red bug got 

DWYER, LAURIE J. 23 Bartlett St., 
Weymouth. Camping and ice skating. FP 

— Massaoit Community College — Law 

EACOBACCI, LORI A. "Ickey". 22 Carol 
St., Weymouth. Field Hockey, Gymnastics, 
Track Teams. YMCA, camping. FP — Work 
in Business Education. 

EASTER, DOUGLAS V. "Diego". 45 
Squanto Rd., N. Weymouth. Bowling 
League. Coin Collecting. FP — College — 

EATON, PETER J. "Pete". 696 Commercial 
St., Weymouth. Church Youth Group, 
guitar, music, art, tennis. FP — College. 
MME — When I lost my memory. 

EMDE, MICHAEL C. "Empty Head". 111 
Lorraine St., Weymouth. Swimming, 
Track. If you're gonna mess with fire, 
you're gonna get burnt. FP — Service — 

ENDRES, LINDA L. 21C Memorial Dr., E 
Weymouth. Honor Roll, FBLA Secretary. 
Horseback riding, skating, FP — Court re- 
porter. MME — Getting my license. 

ERWIN, MARY S. 28 Wessagussett Rd., 
Weymouth. Painting, concerts, and par- 
tying. FP — College — Art major. 

EVANS, ROBERT. 44 Iron Hill St., 
Weymouth. Football, Winter Track, Spring 
Track. Lifeguard at Wessagussett Beach. 

EVANS, SHEILA G. 3 Ocean Ave., 


FABRIZIO, DIANE M. 30 Veronica Ln., 
Weymouth. Tennis Team, Spanish Club. 
FP — Dental Hygienist. 

FARREN, JAMES F. 92D Memorial Dr., E. 
Weymouth. Project Traces. Norfolk 
County Engineering (Surveying). 

FEDOR, RICHARD L. "Rick". 51 Standish 
St., N. Weymouth. Ping-pong, Basketball, 
Pool, music. FP — College, MME — 
Having graduated. 

FERRETTI, JAMES L. "Jim". 459 Broad St., 
Weymouth. Hobbies, drawing. Take it 
easy. FP — Jr. College, Vet. Asst. MME — 
Cot my license. 

FILACCIO, ROBERT P. "Filach". 51 
Colasanti Rd., Weymouth. Worked at 
Zayre, Braintree Softball, baseball, foot- 
ball, bowling, skiing. 

FILLINGIM, DANIEL C. 149 Green St., 
Weymouth. Flying and working in a gas 
station. Yippie! FP — Private aviation. 

FIORINI, PAUL J. 26 Sea St., Weymouth. 
Yearbook. Hockey, baseball, golf, scuba 
diving. Always think positive. FP — Try to 
get into health or medical occupation. 
MME — Graduating, went to Bruins 
Stanley Cup game. 

FISHER, SUSAN M. "Sue". 137 Lambert 
Ave., Weymouth. Big Sister Program, 
bowling, roller skating. FP — Secretarial 

East St., E. Weymouth. Football, swim- 
ming, Big Brother Program. CYO. 

FLAHERTY, JOY. 111 Sea St., N. 
Weymouth. Swimming, taking the dogs 
down to the beach. Track Team, basket- 
ball. Live and let die. 

FLEMING, PETER F. 117 Wilson Ave., 
Weymouth. Golf, football, listening to 
music, reading. FP — College. 

FOLEY, STEPHEN J. 37 Charles Diersch St., 
Weymouth. Band. FP — College. 

FOLEY, WILLIAM T. "Bill". 27 Clinton Rd., 
E. Weymouth. Football. Football, baseball, 
hockey, Softball. FP — College. 

Academy Ave., Weymouth. Listening to 
Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, N.R.P.S. etc. FP 
— Sheriff of Sherwood Forest. 

FRATUS, ROBERT S. "Robb". 20 Lee St., E. 
Weymouth. Wrestling, Lacrosse. Back 
packing and mountaineering. FP — Engi- 

FRAZIER, KATHLEEN. "Kathy". 25 Brew- 
ster Rd., N. Weymouth. Spring Track, 
Yearbook, Pep Club. Big Sister, Tutor for 
Elementary kids. FP — College recreation 
and phys. ed. 

FUDA, PATRICIA M. "Patty". 10 Brae Rd., 
N. Weymouth. FP — Business school. 

Broadreach St., Weymouth. Flying, 
hunting, fishing, aquariums, model air- 
plane flying. FP — Conservation. 

GAETA, KIM P. 3 Manomet Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Honor Roll. FP—SXECRETARY. 
MME — Sliding down the bannisters 
when no one is around. 

GAMBON, ROBERT B. "Gumba". 7 Shore 
Dr., Weymouth. Soccer Team. Sports, 
working on cars. FP — Mechanic. 

GANLEY, SUSAN M. 69 Suwanee Rd., E. 
Weymouth. Honor Roll, Gymnastics, 
Track, Yearbook, Biology Lab Assistant. 
Teaching gymnastics, Big Sister, Tutoring. 
FP — College — Phys. Ed. Major. 

GANNON, MARY C. 19 Academy Ave., 
Weymouth. FP — Nursing. 

GAROFALO, CHERYL A. "Ruv". 165 Green 
St., Latin Club Treasurer, Editor of Journal, 
Chemistry Lab Assistant, Pep Club, Year- 
book, Office Aide, Drama Club, Cap and 
Gown Committee, Singing in 6th per. 
study. Going to drag races, watching 
hockey games, going to football games, 
bike riding. I don't want to talk about it. 
FP — Registered Nurse. 

GARRITY, SUSAN J. "Sue". 282 Middle St., 
Weymouth. Singing in 6th per. study. 
Working at YMCA, piano, bike riding. 
Give me a break. FP — Medical Secretary. 

GARVEY, NANCY J. "Garv". 67 Bluff Rd., 
N. Weymouth. Cheerleading, Horseback 
riding, Ski Club. FP — Business. 


GENTILE, ANGELO A. "Skipper". 44 
Emeline Rd., Weymouth. Soccer, JV 
Hockey. CYO, Weymouth Youth Hockey. 
FP — College. 

GEORGE, JUDITH. "Judi", "Ruv". 196 
Evans St., Weymouth. Yearbook, Math 
Team, Reflections — Publicity Editor, Cap 
and Gown Committee, Prom Committee, 
French Club, Pep Club. Irish Step Danc- 
ing, Football games, bike riding. FP — 
Computer technologist. 

GIFFORD, RICHARD D. "Giff". 31 Charles 
St., Weymouth. Hunting, building up a 
gun collection, finding the best party. 
Anything worth winning is worth cheating 
for. FP — Maybe to get somewhere in the 
T.V. world or make it rich quick some- 
how. MME — The day I graduated. 

GILES, RICHARD A. "Rick". 47 Wingate 
Rd., E. Weymouth. Football, hockey. FP — 


GLOVER, TINA J. 232 North St., bike 

GOGCIN, MARGARET M. "Peggy". 10 
Ri( hards Rd., Weymouth. Bike riding, 
skating, swimming. FP— College. 

GOMER, NANCY E. 66 Anthony Rd., 
Weymouth. Bowling, swimming, horse- 
back riding, bike riding. FP — Computer 
school — computer repairs. 

GOMEZ, CELESTE A.Y. 53 Elva Rd., 

GOOD, ROBERTA L. 45 Friend St., 
Weymouth. Senior Nominating Com- 
mittee. FP — Secretary. 

GOUDY, MARGARET D. "Peggy". 29 
Hawkins St., Weymouth. Varsity Debate 
Team — Co-Captain, Latin Club, Library 
Aid, Pep Club, Honor Society, Senior 
Nominating Committee, Yearbook, Col- 
lege Bowl Committee. Horizon, swim- 
ming, singing, campfire girl leader. Ex- 
cellent. FP — Criminal Lawyer. MME — 
receiving the Wohelo Medallion. 

GOULD, SANDRA L. "Sam". 8 Revere Rd., 
JMSVC, Latin Club, Library Aid. Horseback 
riding, water skiing, swimming, organ 
playing. FP — Registered Nurse. MME — 
First time I single skied. 

GOWEN, ELLEN M. "El". 108 Essex St., 
Weymouth. Basketball, Yearbook, Ski 
Club, Biology Lab Assistant. Swimming, 
horseback riding, parties. "Have a good 
time and be good; but if you can't be 
good, be careful." "I'm sorry I said I'm 
sorry." "No problem." FP — Travel and 
Dental Hygienist. MME — Summers at the 
Cape, 7-30-75, the beach, Paramed class 

GRANDFIELD, JOHN M. 40 Village Rd., 
Weymouth. Russian Club, Big Brother 
Program, Senior Nominating Committee. 
FP — Magician. 

GRANT, SUSAN M. 148 Hibiscus Ave., 
Weymouth. Trip to Spain. Horseback 
riding, hiking, boating. 

GRAY, STEPHEN R. 155 North St., N. 

Fern Court, Weymouth. Baseball Team. FP 
— Work. MME — New Riders. 

Colasanti Rd., N. Weymouth. Softball 
Team. Riding. FP — College. 

Weymouth. President of French Club, 
Yearbook Sales Staff. FP — College. 

HAAS, MARY ELLEN. "Mary". 43 Hinston 
Rd., Weymouth. Yearbook Business Staff, 
Cap and Gown Committee. FP — College, 

HAGAR, JANICE I. "Giggles". 120 Lorraine 
St., E. Weymouth. Yearbook Sales Staff. 1 
Emery Club, skating, swimming, ceramics, 
family, boyfriend. Smile, God loves you! 
FP — Accounting degree and marriage. 
MME — Shorthand with Mrs. St. John. 

HALL, DONNA M. 115 Moreland Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Concert Choir, Plenty of 


Money, Mikado, Yearbook Sales, Editor of 
school paper, the Journal. Ceramics, 
skating, swimming. Do not walk in front 
of me for I might not follow. Do not walk 
behind me for I may not lead. Just walk 
beside me and let us be friends. FP — 
Nursing (maternity & pediatrics), mar- 
riage. MME — Trip to Bermuda with the 
Vocational School. 

HALL, ROSEMARIE. "Rori". 41 Friend St., 
Weymouth. Going to parties and loafing. 
FP — Airline stewardess. 

HAMMAN, CYNTHIA M. "Cindy". 88 Hin- 
ston Rd., E. Weymouth. 

HARDY, KENDALL S. "Scott". 106 Morn- 
ingside Path, Weymouth. Swimming, fish- 
ing, working. FP — Architecture. MME — 
Stones concert. 

HARRISON, STEPHEN E. "Steve". 203 
Wessagussett Rd., Weymouth. Basketball. 

HASTRY, ROBERT T. 208 Green St., 
Weymouth. Baseball. FP — College. 

391 Broad St., Weymouth. JMSVC, Ski 
Club. Big Sister, Yoga, worked with re- 
tarded children at a camp. FP — Nurse. 

HENRY, STEVEN T. 22 Second St., 
Weymouth. FP — C.P.A. 

HICKEY, CYNTHIA L. 154 Pilgrim Rd., 
Weymouth. FP — Work, travel, college. 

HIGCINS, NANCY L. 70 Hillcrest Rd., 
Weymouth. Ski Club. FP — College. 

HILL, WILLIAM S. "fz". 66 Moreland Rd., 
Weymouth. Hunting, fishing, veging. 
There is someone in my head, but it's not 
me. MME — Pink Floyd concert. 

Skiing. I hate Rednecks. FP — Radio 
Broadcasting. MME — Pink Floyd concert. 

HONE, DEBORAH A. "Debbie", "Deb". 
112 Middle St., E. Weymouth. Concert 
Choir, Chorus, Yearbook Sales Staff, 
Journal, Plenty of Money. Teaches CCD. 
Oh Poop! FP — Medical Technician. MME 
— Mr. Chase's Biology class, Chapter 

HOWE, RONALD D. "Ron". 9 Off Putnam 
St., Weymouth. Yearbook Business Editor, 
Debate Team, Language Clubs, Co-Editor 
of School Newspaper, Music Chorale, 
Concert Choir. Making money, DeMolay, 
Bowling, Tennis, Spending money. Re- 
member the past, live for the present, but 
hope for the future. FP — Suffolk Univer- 
sity — Combined Law School Program. 
MME — My strange classes with Mrs. 
Greenman (Ms. Robicek). 

HOYT, CHRISTOPHER I. 156 River St., N. 
Weymouth. Band, Tennis Team. FP — 

HOYT, JAMES R. 29 Fourth Ave., 
Weymouth. Motorcycle riding. FP — 

HOYT, REGINA L. 29 Fourt Ave., Sewing. 
I'm starving. FP — Business School. 

HOYT, ROSALYN D. "Rozzie". 29 Fourth 
Ave., Weymouth. Band. FP — College. 


HURLEY, THOMAS R. "Birdman", "Bird". 
67 Wilson Ave., Weymouth. T Club. Party 
while you can. 

Weymouth. Cheerleader, National Honor 
Society, Student Council, Ski Club, Senior 
Class Play. Tennis, swimming. FP — Medi- 
cal career. 

ISABEL, MICHAEL J. "Iz". 21 Karen Lane, 
Weymouth. Work at Kentucky Fried 
Chicken. FP — Business Manager. MME 

— Pink Floyd concert. 

JACKSON, CAROLYN M. "Lynn". 41 Alta 
Rd., E. Weymouth. Prom Committee, 
Powder Puff Football. Has anyone seen 
Lobster? FP — Secretarial work. MME — 
Last year's prom weekend. 

JACKSON, DEBORAH D. "Debbie". 46 
Cain Ave., Weymouth. FP — Secretary. 

Pleasant St., Weymouth. Bowling League, 
Softball Team, National Honor Society, 
Senior Nominating Committee. Ceramics, 
swimming. FP — Secretary. 

JACQUES, WILLIAM T. "Regin". 10A Me- 
morial Dr., Weymouth. Soccer Team, Ski 
Club, S.G.F.C. member, Class play. Skiing, 
CYO, Basketball. FP— College. 


JETTER, WILLIAM D. "Bill". 28 Karlyn Rd., 
Weymouth. Varsity Hockey, Senior Class 
Vice-President. Work at Quincy Auto 
Body. Try it before putting it down. FP — 
Work, night school. 

JOHNSON, MARY F. "Maynard". 36 
Great Hill Dr., N. Weymouth. Horseback 
riding, taking care of animals. Great! FP 

— Carol McColes Modeling School. MME 

— When I got into an accident in 
Mellon's car on Shaw Street. 

Vernon Rd., E., Weymouth. Big Brother, 
playing music. FP — Music school. 

JOYCE, PAULA T. 270 Middle St., 
Weymouth. Ski Club, Student Council. 
Big Sister, skiing, listening to music, and 
going to concerts and parties. Live life to 
it's fullest, you only pass this way once. FP 

— Nurse. 

KAIN, BRIAN L. "Leo". 14 Hill Top Rd., 
Weymouth. Lacrosse. Boating, skiing, 
parties, music. FP — Chef's School. MME 

— June '76. 

KALAIJIAN, MICHAEL A. "Killer". Hockey, 
Soccer, Golf. CYO, ping-pong, Boy Scouts 
Make it hurt. FP — College, preferably 

Mass. Maritime. MME — State Hockey 
Tournament in the Boston Garden. 
Received MVP award in Soccer. 

KAMASH, SUSAN M. "Sue". 177 Westmin- 
ster Rd., E. Weymouth. Track, Horseback 
riding Club, Journal, Yearbook, FBLA Pres- 
ident, Cap and Gown Committee, Honor 
Society, Bookkeeping Tutorm Saint Alberts 
CCD teacher, art, listening to music, 
horses, dancing, traveling, work at 
Somerset Nursing Home. FP — Touch 
Academy — Court reporting, travel, mar- 
riage. MME — October 15, 1972. 

KANE, PORTIA M. 31 Pecksuot Rd., N. 
Weymouth. FP — College — Science — 
Math Major, travel. 

KARSTUNEN, SUSAN L. 76 Puritan Rd., E. 

KEARNEY, CHERYL A. 102 Puritan Rd., E. 

KEARNEY, KATHLEEN H. 4 Bradley Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Student Council, Powder Puff 
Football, Share Org. (Big Sister). Better 
late than never. 

KEEFE, BARRY Mm 5 Alta Rd., E. 
Weymouth. Football, Hockey, Track, Key 
Club. CYO. FP — College. MME — State 
Hockey Tournament in Boston Garden. 

KELLEY, MAUREEN T. 21 Great Hill Dr., 
Weymouth. Gymnastics. Part-time job at 
Angelo's, skiing, travel. FP — College — 
Science major. 

KELLY, CHRISTOPHER E. "Grasshopper". 
842 Commercial St., E. Weymouth. Cross 
Country, Basketball, Spring Track, Key 
Club. CYO. Light em up! FP— College. 

KELLY, DEIRDRE. 35 Frank Rd., Wey- 
mouth. Girls Basketball, skiing. FP — 
College — Science major. 

KELLY, MICHELLE. 31 Caldwell St., N. 
Weymouth. Sewing, parties, working. FP 

— Secretary. 

KELLY, RICHARD M. 11 Grand View Rd., 
N. Weymouth. Work at McDonald's, 
sports. FP — Computer technician. 

KERWIN, LINDA J. "Lynn". 56 John St., N. 
Weymouth. Music, paint, travel. Party. FP 

— Probation Officer and eventually, Law- 

KILEY, KATHLEEN A. "Kathy". 1131 Pleas- 
ant St., Weymouth. Cheerleading, Honor 
Society, Yearbook. Ya know? FP — Pedia- 

KING, MARJORIE L. 26 Poinsettia Ave., 

KING, RICHARD E. "Kinglsy". 7 Pecksuot 
Rd., Weymouth. Basketball, baseball, 
football, hockey, coin collecting, drawing, 
and painting. FP — Commercial Art. MME 

— Moving from Boston to Weymouth. 

KNOLL, DORIAN M. 148 Mt. Vernon Rd., 
E., Weymouth. Project Part-time, Prom 


Committee. Teaching, working, bowling, 
dancing. FP — Teacher. 

KNOWLES, GAYLE L. 44 Judith Rd., 
Weymouth. Track Team, Senior Nomin- 
ating and Prom Committee. Working, 
skating, bowling. FP — Secretary. 

KRAL, KATHY M. 15 Bicknell Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Prom Committee. Ice skatingm 
FP — Medical Secretary. 


LaROCCO, DARREN M. 99 Charles St., E. 

LAVERY, JAMES F. 64 Prospect Hill Dr., 

LAWSON, KAREN M. 46 Moreland Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Chorus. Water skiing, parties. 
FP — Nursing. 

LEAHY, MARK J. "Lumpa". 99 Oak Ridge 
Circle, Weymouth. Football, Hockey, 
Baseball. FP — College. 

LEARY, MARTHA. 6 Sagamore Rd., 

LEE, JAMES W. "Jim". 181 Roosevelt Rd., 
Weymouth. Lacrosse. Parties. Say it ain't 
so, Joe. FP — College. 

LEE, JOHN H. 52 Cranch St., Weymouth. 
FP — College. 

LEO, NANCY A. 507 East St., E. 
Weymouth. Chorus. Piano, singing, bowl- 
ing. FP — Bridgewater State — Special 

LESLIE, WILLIAM R. "Bill". 10 Sagamore 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Bowling. Piano, 
boating, fishing. What's happening? FP — 

LEWIS, THADDEUS T. "Ted". 56 Judith 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Little League Coach, 
Baseball. FP — College or Military. 

LINEHAN, RICHARD F. "Rick". 126 Lor- 
raine St., E. Weymouth. Golf Team, Soccer 
Team, Ski Club, Key Club. CYO Basket- 
ball, golf, skiing. FP — College. 


LOGUE, KATHRYN M. "Katie". 26 Lyme 
St., Weymouth. Student Council, Student 
Advisory Committee, Child Care. FP — El- 
ementary School Teacher. 

LONG, CLAIRE F. "Claire bloom". 16 
Delorey Ave., Weymouth. Tennis, softball. 
FP — Secretary, bookkeeping. 


LONG, JEAN M. 27 Beach Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Skiing, softball, boating, 
water skiing, dancing, secretary for John 
Hancock Life Insurance Co. Love is found 
by those who can live with nature as it is. 
FP — Secretary. 

Peddock Rd., Weymouth. Yearbook, Na- 

tional Honor Society, Tutor for Project 
Part-time. Explorers, camping, bowling, 
swimming, tennis. FP — College, nurse. 

LONGO, KENNETH. 77 Elva Rd., N. 
Weymouth. FP — Own a business. 

LOUD, JOSEPH H. "Ludi". 20 Howard St., 
Weymouth. Soccer, Key Club, Baseball. 
Parties. You baby, you. FP — College. 
MME — The night I found out I made the 
all-star team for soccer. 

LUMENTI, ALICE L. 215 Lake St., E. 
Weymouth. Horseback riding, baseball, 

Conservation and Forestry. 

LYDEN, JOHN R. 266 East St., Weymouth. 
Wrestling. FP — Coast Guard. 

LYNCH, NANCY E. "Krinch". 11 Birchbrow 
Ave., Weymouth. Karate. To stand tall 
when cold winds blow, to face life and all 
it holds. FP — Accountant. 

LYONS, KATHLEEN A. "Kathy". 21A 
Joseph Fern Ct., Weymouth. Concert 
Choir, Chorale, Senior Class Plays. Swim- 
ming, singing, Theatre work, Hingham 
Civic Music Theatre. FP — Legal Secretary 
and Voice Teacher. 

MacCALLUM, NANCY L. 171 East St., 
Weymouth. Chorus. Swimming and 
skating. FP — Bookkeeper. 

MacDONALD, CAROL A. 20 Lyme St., E. 
Weymouth. Field hockey, Math Team, 
JMSVC. Sewing, skating. FP — College — 
Math major. 

MACKAY, SUZANNE M. "Sue". 51 Grant 
St., E. Weymouth. Senior Nominating 
Committee. Weymouth REACT, South 
Shore Breakers, CB Radio, bowling. You'll 
get over it! 

MADDEN, KAREN M. "Bubbles", 
"Madman", "Madness", "Maddog", 
"Pud". 11 Richards Rd., E. Weymouth. 
Child Care. I think I'm allergic to the 
morning. Live today, hangover tomorrow. 
A friend indeed; Jules. FP — College — 
Nursery School Teacher. 

MAHONEY, LEANNE. 2 Newton Court, N. 
Weymouth. Softball. Fancy that. FP — Ac- 

MALLEY, KAREN M. 43 Puritan Rd., 
Weymouth. Medical explorers, tennis. FP 
— Nursing. 

MANGONE, ANNETTE M. 18 Second St., 
Swim Team. Play Flute. FP — Teach 
special education. 

"Pigeon", "Manny", "Touche", "Turtle". 
69 Mt. Vernon Rd., E., Weymouth. Honor- 
ary Russian Club Member, sailing, driving. 
Let's get baking. FP — Run a large cor- 
poration. MME — Got to school on time. 

MARBIE, WARREN E. 32 Sea St., N. 

Weymouth. Yearbook. Writing, reading 
poetry and prose, beekeeping. Keep on 
truckin. Be sure to do your own thing. FP 

— Minister and writer. MME — The day I 
was saved 1/22/75. 


"Rosie". 53 Endicott St., E. Weymouth. 
Softball Team, Reflections, Latin Club, 
Math Team, Yearbook, German Club, 
Band, Prom Committee, Cap and Gown 
Committee. Playing flute, embroidery, 
skating, bowling, bike riding, playing 
tennis. Take it easy. FP — Medical tech- 

MASCARO, KATHLEEN J. "Kath", "Majic". 
73 Witawaumet Rd., N. Weymouth. Math 
Team, Tennis Team, Honor Society, Pep 
Club, French Club, Project Part-time. 
Quincy City Hospital volunteer, V.P. of 
Senior Girl Scouts, Works at McDonald's. 
If you love something, set it free. FP — 
Nursing school. MME — Learning to 

MASISON, MICHAEL A. "Mike". 103 
Chard St., E. Weymouth. Wrestling, 
Winter Track, Baseball. Bargain — every- 
thing that comes out right is a bargain. FP 

— Coast Guard. 

MATHEWS, DONNA A. 555 East St., E. 
Weymouth. Spanish Club, Future Teach- 
ers of America, JMSVC, Audio Visual Aide, 
Library Aide. Horizon Club, working with 
kids and animals, parties and concerts. 
Alright! FP — Travel cross country by van, 
college. MME — When mom and dad let 
me keep my cat (Gatita) in the house. 

Regatta Rd., N. Weymouth. Spring Track, 
Yearbook, Honor Society. Explorers, Wes- 
sagusett Yacht Club Junior, Sailing in- 
structor, YMCA, camping, swimming, 
sewing. Happy memories make warm 
companions. FP — College, clothing or 
textile design. 

McAULIFFE, PAUL J. "Mac". 349 Essex St., 
Weymouth. Lacrosse, Soccer, Wrestling. 
FP — College. 

McBRINE, MATTHEW G. "Matt". 46 
Monatiquot St., N. Weymouth. Basketball. 
FP — College. 

McBURNIE, KELLI D. 49 Katherine St., 
Weymouth. Ski Club. Bike riding, par- 
tying. Take a hike. 

MCCARTHY, CECILE. 513 East St., Wey- 
mouth. Pep Club, Senior Nominating 
Committee. Bicycling, tennis. 

MCCARTHY, MARY E. 37 Drew Ave., 
Weymouth. Latin Club, Spanish Club, 
Bowling Team, JMSVC, Spanish Tutor, 
Yearbook, Library Aide. Work at Talbot's, 
bike riding, motorcycles, little kids, music, 
parties. FP — Veterinarian. 

McCLELLAN, MAURINE. 71 Moreland Rd., 
N. Weymouth. Works at Angelo's. FP — 
Elementary school teacher. 


McCUE, DEBRA J. 81 Lovell St., N. 
Weymouth. Works at Building No. 19, 
horseback riding. FP — Secretary. 

McCULLOCH, JOHN J. 50 Cain Ave., 


McDONNELL, JOHN E. 99 Grant St., E. 
Weymouth. Cooking and watching girls. 

McDonnell, william p. "Bill". 753 

Comm ercial St., Weymouth. Latin Club, 
Russian Club, Honor Society, Tennis 
Team, Cross Country, Winter Track, 
Spring Track. All sports, 3 stooges. FP — 

McCONNICAL, KEVIN F. 147 Lambert 
Ave., E. Weymouth. Bass guitar, girls, 
beer, and Frank Zappa. FP — Music ca- 

McGRATH, DARYLE J. 817 Commercial St., 
Weymouth. Yearbook. Partying, work, 
skiing. Friday's coming! FP — College. 
MME — Graduation day. 

McGRORY, COLLEEN M. "Pumpkin". 30 
Lyme St., E. Weymouth. Debate Team. 
We'll be on the fence. FP — Airline work. 
MME — Mark Rennie. 

McKENNEY, LISA E. 11 Rindge St., E. 
Weymouth. Homeroom secretary, Math 
tutor. Skiing, having a good time. FP — 
Airline work or hairdresser. MME — My 
three years at North High. 


McMAHON, KENNETH E. "Ken". 17 
Greenvale Ave., Weymouth. Winter Track, 
Cross Country, Spring Track. FP — 
College. MME — Returning to Weymouth 
North after a year at North Quincy. 

McNAMARA, DONNA. "Mac". 21 Lindale 
Ave., N. Weymouth. Skiing, horseback 
riding. FP — Secretary. 

McNEIL, CHRISTINE A. "Chris". 37 
Bradley Rd., N. Weymouth. Concert 
Choir, Musicals. Swimming, sailing, 
singing, playing the guitar, meeting new 
and exciting people, lifeguard at Wey- 
mouthport, Yoga, and TM for relaxation. 
Chris digs lots of fresh air and sunshine. 
FP — College. 

McRAE, CHERYL A. Q&V Wilson Ave., 
Weymouth. Swimming. 

MELIKIAN, LINDA E. 60D Memorial Dr., 
Weymouth. Cheerleader, JMSVC, Pep 
Club, Nominating Committee. FP — 
Speech Pathology. 

MELVILLE, DONNA J. 9 Edison St., 
Weymouth. Works at Thayer Pharmacy, 
swimming, hiking, bicycling, bowling. 
Never give up! FP — Dental technician. 

MESSIKIAN, LAURIE. 1114 Commercial 
St., Weymouth. Bowling League, Work- 
study. Part-time secretary, sports. FP — 
Business College. 

MILIANI, DORREN F. "Doe", "Dor". 58 
Mt. Vernon Rd., E., Weymouth. FP — Sec- 
retary. MME — Concerts and partying. 

MILLER, DONNA ). 51 Wilson Ave., 
Weymouth. Gymnastics Team, JMSVC, 
National Honor Society, Biology Lab As- 
sistant, Powder Puff Football. Instructing 
gymnastics, skiing, bicycling, back- 
packing, tennis, music. FP — College — 

MILLER, MEREDITH P. "Merry". 280 Broad 
St., Weymouth. Swim Team, National 
Honor Society, Powder Puff Football. 
Music, dancing, concerts, swimming, 
horseback riding. FP — Speech Therapist. 
MME — Going to New Hampshire & par- 

MOLONEY, SUSAN M. "Sue". 48 Endicott 
St., Weymouth. Works at Mammoth Mart, 
basketball, little kids, babysitting. Don't 
sweat. FP — Job in the business world. 

MONTANEZ, VICTOR. "Spictor". 22 Brew- 
ster Rd., N. Weymouth. Auto repair and 
auto body. FP — Maritime Engineer. 

MOODIE, MICHAEL J. 87 Great Hill Dr., 
N. Weymouth. Playing the dogs. FP — 

MORIARTY, ELAINE M. 46 President Rd., 
Weymouth. South Shore Mental Health, 
painting, drawing. FP — College, Fashion 

MORIN, JACQUELYN A. "Jackie". 98 
Pleasant View Ave., Weymouth. Honor 
Society, JMSVC. Teach retarded kids CCD. 
FP — College, nurse. 

MORRISON, JAMES E. 25 Dixon Park Rd., 
Weymouth. Work at Capitol Supermarket. 

MUIRHEAD, PAMELA J. 308 Broad St., 

MULLEN, ELAINE M. 389 Neck St., N. 
Weymouth. FP — Art. 

MULLEN, JANCIE M. 4 Willow Ave., N. 
Weymouth. Swimming, ice skating, works 
at Marshall's, Hingham. FP — Secretarial 

54 Blackstone Rd., Weymouth. Love is: 
never having to say you're sorry. FP — 
Work. MME — Men. 

MURPHY, ALAN F. 48 John St., Wey- 
mouth. Ski Club. 

MURPHY, ARTHUR P. 15 Butler Rd., 
Weymouth. Football, Ski Club. Music. F 8 

MURPHY, JOANNE. "Little one". 37 Oak 
Hill Rd., Weymouth. Swimming. FP — 
Secretarial work. 


MURRAY, ANN M. 20 Lovell St., N. 
Weymouth. FP — Work with children. 

MURRAY, KAREN ANN. 21 Holmes Ave., 

Weymouth. Honor Society. Teaching tap 
and ballet lessons. FP — Commercial 

NARDELLA, PAUL. 61 Middle St., Wey- 
mouth. Tennis. Working, playing sports. 
FP — College. MME — Graduating. 

NELSON, COLLEEN T. 31 Bartlett St., 
Weymouth. Concert Choir, Senior Class 
Musical. Working, partying. Hey Gor- 
geous. FP — Secretary. MME — Steve. 

NELSON, JOHN F. "Jay". 70 Great Hill Dr., 
N. Weymouth. Tennis. Sports, being with 
people, having a good time, partying. 
Alright! FP — Work. MME — Graduating. 

NICKERSON, JILL A. "Jillbabe", "Babe", 
"Jake". 48 Hillcrest Rd., E. Weymouth. 
Horseback riding Club, Nominating Com- 
mittee. Horseback riding, swimming, 
tennis. I'll never tell! Never admit you are 
wrong. FP — Architect. MME — 10 
months plus with George, graduation. 

NILES, PAUL M. "Pablo". 37 Johnson Rd., 
Weymouth. Baseball Team, Honor Soci- 
ety. CYO Basketball, eating glass. Blow 
your mind, smoke gun powder. FP — 

NOBLE, KAREN M. 70 Alta Rd., Wey- 
mouth. Conservation Club, Riding Club, 
Reflections, Honor Society, Yearbook. 
Working at Filene's, Big Sister Program. FP 
— College, write or teach. 

NORVE, BRIDGET L. "Norv". 21 Broad St. 
PI., Weymouth. Honor Society, Softball, 
Russian and Spanish Clubs. Work at 
YMCA, Balsbaugh Laboratories, Pearle 
Vision Center. I don't know. FP — 
College, Dispensing Optician. 

O'NEIL, ELEANOR M. "Ellie". 38 Cain 
Ave., Weymouth. Latin Club, Cross 
Country, Band, Concert Choir, Student 
Council, Chorale. Swimming. FP — Teach- 
er of Elementary Education and Music. 

O'NEILL, JOANNE G. 72 Gale Rd., 
Weymouth. Reflections, JMSVC, Riding 
Club, Conservation Club, Latin Club, 
Work at nursing home. FP — Registered 

ORCUTT, LAUREN M. 55 Priscilla Circle, 
Weymouth. Skiing. FP — College. 

OUELLET, DONNA M. 37 Meeting House 
Lane, Weymouth Heights. Ski Club, Swim 
Team, Reflections. Skiing, swimming, 
drawing, and painting. FP — Art College. 

OUIMET, CAROL S. "Ween". 22 Marion 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Softball Team, Trea- 
surer of Spanish Club. Work at Star 
Market, sports, horseback riding, softball, 
swimming. Thems the Breaks. FP — 
College, Phys. Ed. major at Bridgewater. 

PAGE, JOSEPH J. 73 Fuller Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Music. 

PARSONS, LISA F. 42 Ocean Ave., N. 
Weymouth. FP — Kindergarten or Nursery 
School Teacher. 


Ave., Weymouth. All sports. FP — 

PEEL, ROBERTA A. "Bert". 126 Pilgrim R., 
N. Weymouth. Campfire instructor for 
Blue Birds. FP — Marriage. 

PENDER, PATRICK G. 341 Green St., 
Weymouth. Track, Basketball, Spanish 
Club. CYO Basketball, sports. FP — 

PERETTE, JON A. 481 East St., E. 
Weymouth. Track Team, Hockey, Weight 
lifting. Quincy Dairy Queen, Chuck 

Wagon. Yeah sure, Tuesday. FP — 
Johnson & Wales. MME — Mrs. St. John 
every morning. 

PERRY, ROBERT V. 6 Wingate Rd., 
Weymouth. Debate Team. FP — College. 

Veronica Ln., Weymouth. FP — Harvard 
College. MME — Rolling Stones Concert. 

PETTEPIT, MELISSA D. "Mel", "Missy". 
130 Idlewell Blvd., Weymouth. Senior 
Nominating Committee, Library Aid. 
Dancing, playing the organ, swimming, 
Bob Powers. Take it easy. FP — Possibly 
Special Ed. MME — Being trapped on one 
side of a cliff with a rattlesnake. 

PINAULT, CAROLE J. "Pino". 509 Com- 
mercial St., Weymouth. Softball Team, 
Horseback riding Club. Waterskiing, 
horseback riding, basketball, bicycling, 
tennis, cars, sailing. You only go around 
once in life, so you gotta grab for all the 
gusto you can! FP — Working with men- 
tally retarded or kindergarten children. 

PLETT, CHRISTINE A. 118 Donnellan 
Circle, N. Weymouth. Thank God it's 
Friday! FP — College or France. MME — 

PLUM, JEFFREY J. "Professor". 1415 Com- 
mercial St., E. Weymouth. JMSVC, 
German Club. Reading, flying. FP — Post 
grad at North, then College. 

PORTER, JEFFREY R. "Mule". 35 Pearl St., 
N. Weymouth. Music Festivals, Chorale, 
Concert Choir. Hunting, mountain 
climbing, guitar playing. Free advice is 
usually worth the price. 

PORTER, LYNN A. "Chops". 24 Pearl St., 
Weymouth. Concert Choir. International 
Order of Rainbow for Girls, past worthy 
advisor. O'Boy. FP — Work. MME — New 
England Music Festival, 1975. 

POWEII, CATHLEEN A. "Cathy". 25 
Spring St., Weymouth. Works at Tufts 
Library. FP — College, Languages. 

POWER, ELLEN M. 20 Maple St., 
Weymouth. Spanish Club, Journalism. FP 
— Court Stenographer. 

POWERS, DONNA J. 46 Marks Rd., 
Weymouth. Student Council, Pep Club. 
CCD Teacher, CYO, parties. FP — Busi- 
ness field. 

POWERS, JANICE E. "Jan". 15 Harding 
Ave., Weymouth. Gymnastics, Girls Track. 
Gymnastics instructor. FP — Athletic 

PROCTOR, NANCY I. 658 Commercial St., 
Weymouth. FP — Katherine Gibbs, Interi- 
or Decorator, Modeling schoolm MME — 
Going to Disneyworld. 


QUINN, MICHAEL K. "Quinny". 11 Laurel 
St., Weymouth. YMCA, floor hockey, and 
basketball. You shoulda believed. FP — 
Hope to own my own store. MME — 
Vacation at Weir's Beach, New Hamp- 
shire, Summer of 75. 

RANSTROM, JANET L. "Randy". 7 Leonard 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Field hockey, Basket- 
ball, Softball, Honor Society, Concert 
Choir. Tennis, sketching, bike riding, 
coach a gym hockey team. FP — College. 
MME — Weekend in Martha's Vineyard. 

REARDON, LINDA A. 132B Joseph Fern 
Court, E. Weymouth. Work at Marshall's, 
horseback riding, Softball, swimming. FP 

— Career working with children. MME — 

Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young's concert in 
Boston Garden. 

REED, ELLEN J. 33 Standish St., N. 
Weymouth. Tennis Team, Math Team, 
Reflections, Chorus. Works at Mc- 
Donald's, partying. FP — College, Math 
Major. MME — Rock Cruise in Boston. 


RELLO, NANCY. "Nana". 155 Fort Point 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Sewing, dancing. FP 

— Tailor. MME — Our day of departure. 

REMONDINI, DAVID J. 122 Cedar St., 
Weymouth. Reflections, Ski Club, Senior 
Nominating Committee. Tennis, Big 
Brother Program. FP — Law School. MME 

— Summer in Italy. 

RENGUCCI, LAUREN A. "Laurie". 55 Alta 
Rd., Weymouth. Yearbook, Honor Roll. 
Working and sewing. FP — College and 
travel. MME — Summer before my senior 
year and traveling. 

RENNIE, MARK R. "Ralph". 121 Hawth- 
orne St., E. Weymouth. Hockey, Soccer, 
Golf, Key Club, Spanish Club. Partying 
and meeting different people. FP — 
College and having a good time. 

RICH, ELIZABETH J. "Liz" "Isabel". 15 
Canacum Rd., N. Weymouth. Spanish 
Club, Yearbook. Horseback riding, Alpine 
and water skiing, backpacking, camping, 
Appalachian Mountain climbing, teaching 
Sunday school. FP — Nursery School or 
Kindergarten Teacher or Interior Decora- 
tor. MME — Going down the Colorado 
River for a week, traveling out West. 

RINELLA, DENISE. "Niecey". 34 Black- 
stone Rd., N. Weymouth. Cross Country, 
Girls Spring Track, Yearbook. Explorers, 
bowling, skiing, crafts, works at Turnstyle. 
That's unreal. FP — Jr. College, Book- 

RISI, STEVEN M. 53 Meeting House Lane, 
Weymouth. Hunting, fishing. FP — Uni- 
versity of Maine. 

ROBBINS, JOSEPH H. "Bird". 9 Lambert 
Ave., Weymouth. Coin Collecting. FP — 

ROBERTSON, JANET C. 22 Bicknell Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Skiing, playing in mud 
puddles, swimming, cooking. FP — Secre- 
tary. MME — Having Mrs. St. John for Sec- 
retarial Practice. 

"Skinny". 202 Lake St., Weymouth. Rus- 
sian Club. Hunting, riding motorcycles 
and snowmobiles. When you're out of 
Schlitz, you're out of beer! FP — Navy. 
MME — Camping in the rain. 

ROBINSON, JOHN V., JR. "Hog". 263 
Middle St., Weymouth. Basketball, Cross 
Country, Soccer, SGFC member, Fer- 
dinand mascot, Class play, Chorus, Con- 
cert Choir. Coin collecting, stamp 
collecting, CYO Basketball. FP — To 
become rich. MME — Outgrossed the Ex- 

ROBINSON, PHYLLIS T. "Phyl". 70 Mt. 
Vernon Rd., E., Weymouth. Concerts and 
parties. FP — College, court reporter or 
legal secretary. 

ROGERS, ROBERT V. "Bucky". 57 Saning 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Band, Concert Choir, 
Chorale, Musicals, Senior Class Plays, New 
England, District, and All-State Festivals, 
Senior Nominating Committee, Honor 
Roll. Southeastern Philharmonic Or- 
chestra, Greater Boston Youth Symphony 
Orchestra, Massachusetts Youth Wind En- 
semble, clarinet, saxophone, and piano. 
FP — Hopefully New England Conserva- 
tory of Music, Professional Clarinetist. 
MME — When traveling anywhere, I 
remember it well. 

ROMANO, WILLIAM R. "Bill'. 1138 Com- 
mercial St., Weymouthm Work, football, 
hockey, girl chasing. Nipper. FP — 
Marines, State Police. MME — Meeting 
Mr. Knight. 

ROMBOLA, MARIA C. "Chris". 25 Sher- 
wood Rd., Weymouth. Senior Class Secre- 
tary, Student Council, Prom Committee, 
Cap and Gown Committee, Ski Club, 
Spanish Club. Sewing, cooking, tennis, 
horseback riding. FP — Photography. 

ROSSER, PAMELA J. 27 Shaw St., 
Weymouth. Cheerleading, Honor Society, 
Student Council, Swim Team. Skiing, 
swimming. FP — College. 

RUSSELL, DEBRA A. "Debbie". 32 
Weyham Rd., N. Weymouth. Student 
Council, Swim Team, Senior Class Pres- 
ident. Skiing, swimming. FP — College. 

RUSSO, ANIELLO L. "Neil". 81 High St., 
Weymouth. FP — College. MME — 
Coming to North High. 

RUSSO, PATRICIA L. "Pat". 367 Essex St., 
Weymouth. Works at Howard Johnson's. 


FP — College. 

SAGE, EVA M. 32 Lake Shore Dr., E. 
Weymouth. Reflections, Yearbook, Honor 
Roll, French Club, Powder Puff Football, 
Ski Club. Works at Capitol Supermarket, 
reading, swimming, travel. FP — College. 
MME — Traveling during the summer and 

SALLAWAY, PHILIP E. 36 Frank Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Law Club, Photography Club, 
Conservation Club, Project Part-time. 
Works for Weymouth Park Dept. geology, 
archeology, photography. The price of 
liberty is eternal vigilance. FP — State 
Archeologist and PhD. in Archeology. 
MME — Going to Italy. 

Weymouth. Honor Roll. Girl Scout Assis- 
tant leader, Senior Girl Scout, cooking, 
sewing, camping, business work, skiing. 
FP — Secretarial work. MME — My trip to 

SAMPSON, ROBERT P. "Bob". 67 Rinaldo 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Latin Club. Hockey. FP 

— College. 

SANDBERG, ROBERT E. "Bob". 24 Valley 
Rd., Weymouth. JV Hockey. Skiing, 
sailing, girls. Enjoy life and have a good 
time. FP — College, Engineer. MME — Ar- 

SANSONE, ANNA W. 264 Middle St., E. 
Weymouth. Swim Team. Weymouth 
Militia, Weymouth Swim Team. FP — Law. 

SARDINA, JAMES. "Jay". 20 Dwyer Ln. E. 
Weymouth. Wrestling, Football, Basket- 
ball, Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, 
Cross Country, Track. Partying. Party. FP 

— Discover a pot of gold on the other 
side of the rainbow. MME — My first 
Friday night. 

SARGENT, MAUREEN E. 9 Donnellan 
Circle. Gymnastics. FP — Nursing. 

SCANLON, DONNA M. 405 Furnace 
Brook Parkway, Quincy. Chorus. 
Camping, sewing, typing, and partying. FP 

— Secretary. MME — Camping in 

SCARPELLI, JUDITH A. "Judy". 19 Bluff 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Softball. FP — Medical 
Records Technician or Medical Tech- 

Middle St., E. Weymouth. 

SCHOLL, GAIL T. 109B Memorial Dr., E. 

"Chubbs". 37 Fuller Rd., N. Weymouth. 
Party! — Money! FP — Go cross country. 
MME — My trip to Myles Standish. 

SCHULER, CARL F. 480 East St., E. 

SELADOS, JANICE. 104 Moreland Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Swim Team. FP — College. 

SEWELL, KAREN E. "AT, "K.K.". 51 Gilbert 
Rd., Weymouth. Project Share. Rainbow, 
Project Share, piano, cooking, sewing, 
squaredancing, nursing aide. Maynard! FP 

— Nursing school. MME — Getting my 

SHANAHAN, KEVIN P. 240 North St., N. 
Weymouth. Ski Club. Skiing traveling. FP 

— College. MME — Weekend ski trip. 

SHEEHAN, VIRGINIA M. "Ginny". 19 Riley 
Ave., Weymouth. JMSVC, Reflections, 
Yearbook. Writing poetry, dancing, work- 
ing with the blind, walking Nantasket 
beach on summer nights. The mind is a 
series of dark pathways, waiting for love's 
colors. Love is as vast and ageless as the 
sea. FP — College. MME — The dunes of 

SHIELDS, KEVIN F. 50 Minatiquot, 
Weymouth. Hockey, soccer, tennis. Swim- 
ming, sailing. FP — College. 


SILVA, ELIZABETH L. "Beth". 25 Birchcliff 
Rd., E. Weymouth. Bowling, working. Very 
poor, go on a diet, Susan. FP — College. 
MME* Walking to school on those very 
cold mornings. 

SINKIEWICZ, GALE M. 516 Commercial 
St., Weymouth. Swim Team, French Club, 
Reflections, National Honor Society. 
Swimming, tennis, horseback riding. 
Don't worry about it! FP — College, 
hopefully a career in law or international 

SMITH, BONNIE A. "Colorado Kid". 116 
Wilson Ave., Weymouth. Horseback 
riding, partying, and travel. Be serious. FP 

— Cross country to Colorado, Stenogra- 
phy school. MME — Getting out of here. 

SMITH, CAROLYN M. 27 Gilbert Rd., 
Weymouth. Senior Class Play, Swim Team, 
Riding Club, International Order of 
Rainbow for Girls, Share, flute, swimming 
lessons, singing, horseback riding, meet- 
ing people. FP — Quincy Vocational- 
Technical School, Surgical Technician. 
MME — I haven't had it yet. 


SMITH, ELIZABETH A. "Liz". 48 Rosalind 
Rd., Weymouth. Working, collecting odd 
things. OK! FP — Work, become a man- 

SMITH, JUDY A. "Owned". 199 Middle 
St., Weymouth. Softball. Going out with 
Jack. Always have a smile on your face, it 
gets you somewhere. MME — Got caught 
smoking by Miss Jones. 

SMITH, LAURIE E. 167 Cedar St., 
Weymouth. Ski Club. FP — Airline 

SMITH, LETTIE E. 35 Massasoit Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Water skiing. FP — Hair- 
dressing school. 

SMITH, LINDA A. 14 Willow Ave., N. 


SMITH, NORMAN C. 152 Clinton Rd., 
Weymouth. Spring Track, Gymnastics, Ski 
Club. Square dancing, skiing, motorcycle 
riding. FP — Computer Programming. 

SMITH, SANDRA J. "Sandy". 77 Standish 
St., Weymouth. Yearbook, Swim Team, 
Senior Nominating Committee, Ski Club. 
Basketball Team, Every Monday through 

SMITH, THERESA A. "Terry". 43 Filomena 
St., E. Weymouth. FP — Bookkeeper, go 
cross country. 

SMOLLETT, ROBERT F. "Bob". 93 Bluff 
Rd., Weymouth. Football, Swimming, 
JMSVC. Big Brother. FP — State Police. 


SOPER, BERNIS R. "Bernie". 28 Stanley 
St., Weymouth. Co-Editor of Reflections, 
Student Advisory Council, Math Team — 
Secretary, Honor Society. FP — Mathe- 
matics, Computers. MME — Failed my 
license test the first time. 

SPAIN, KEITH S. "Stan". 82 Judith Rd., 
Weymouth. Cross Country. Sports. FP — 
College, Law Enforcement, State Trooper. 

SPALLINO, JOSEPH P. "Joe". 76 Saning 
Rd., Weymouth. Band, Concerts, Football 
games. Cars, sports, music, girls, reading. 
FP — Musician, Teacher, Composer. 

SPALLINO, ROBERT M. "Gino". 76 Saning 
Rd., Weymouth. Wrestling, Class play. 
Cars, sports. If you can't get what you like, 
why not try to like what you get. FP — Po- 
liceman or State Trooper. 


STEFANEY, KAREN. 145 Charles Diersch 
St., E Weymouth. Pep Club. Bike riding. 
FP — College, work with retarded 

STEWART, LEONARD J. 17 Endicott St., E. 
Weymouth. Football, Spring Track. Sports. 

STULL, M. JOANNE. 114 Wessagussett Rd., 
N. Weymouth. Horseback riding, skiing, 
camping. FP — Airlines. 

SULLIVAN, CAROL. 119 Charles Diersch 
St., E. Weymouth. National Honor Society, 
Spanish Club. Sewing, playing the guitar. 
FP — College, Court reporting. 

SULLIVAN, JANET A. 371 Neck St., N. 
Weymouth. Field Hockey, Basketball, 
Softball, Chorus. Bike riding, hiking. FP — 
Physical Education Major. 

SULLIVAN, LISA M. 216 East St., E. 
Weymouth. Swim Team. Work at Capitol 
Supermarket. FP — School. 

SULLIVAN, LYNNE M. "Sully". 66 Jaffrey 
St., E. Weymouth. Work. Don't get mad, 
get even. FP — Secretarial school. 

SULLIVAN, PATRICK C. "Sully". 210 


Academy Ave., Weymouth. Football, 
Weight lifting. 

Rd., Weymouth. Wrestling. Square danc- 
ing, motorcycle riding. Things always look 
greener on the other side. MME — I'm 
still waiting. 

SYLVESTER, SARAH A. "Sally". 109 High 
St., E. Weymouth. Ski Club, Yearbook, 
Spanish Club. Traveling, knitting, sewing, 
going out on the weekend. You nerd! 
I'm foaming! FP — Nurse. MME — Going 
to Sicily. Getting my appendix out. 

SYMONDS, JANE E. 421 North St., 
Weymouth. Cap and Gown Committee. 
Horseback riding, going to parties. FP — 
Business College. 

TACCINI, PAULA. 53 House Rock Rd., 
Weymouth. Latin Club, Pep Club, Year- 
book, Honor Society Secretary. Playing 
guitar, Pro-Life volunteer, sewing. FP — 
College, Lab or X-ray Technician. 


TEGELER, CHRISTINE M. 540 Commercial 
St., Weymouth. Yearbook, Reflections, 
French Club, Cap and Gown Committee, 
Spring Track. FP — College. 

TENER, PATRICIA E. "Patte". 171 Middle 
St., Weymouth. For each of us there is a 
goal; we have only but to reach up and 
take hold of it to achieve it. FP — College. 
MME — Meeting Tony. 

THIBEAU, PATRICIA. "Pat", "Patty". 11 
Gale Rd., Weymouth. Spanish Club, 
Riding Club, Swim Team, Yearbook, FTA, 
Project Part-time. Laboratory Secretary at 
Quincy Hospital, swimming, skating, 
dancing. If you've got it, flaunt it! Might 
as well, can't dance. Oh lord. Jabrone. FP 

— Terrific Elementary Teacherm MME — 
2/15/75 and Mt. Rd. 

THIBODEAU, LAURA. 111 King Covex 
Beach, Weymouth. Prom Committee. FP 

— Child Care. 

THOMSON, CAROL J. 11 Greenvale Ave., 
Weymouth. Horseback riding, swimming, 
music, boys. FP — Secretary. MME — The 
day we graduate. 

TIRONE, STEVEN C. 12 Woronoco Rd., 
Weymouth. Working at my father's store. 
FP — Maybe the service. 

TISDALE, LESLIE. "Bono". 316 Broad St., 
Weymouth. Senior Nominating Com- 
mittee, Drama Club, Conservation Club, 
German Club, Reflections, Yearbook. 
Project Share. It's a Sonny Day, so Cher it 
with someone. FP — College in Louisiana. 
MME — Going lo Louisiana in the sum- 

TOBIN, ROBERT J. "Chin". 215 Sea St., 
Weymouth Baseball, Football. What you 
see is what you get. FP — Gourmet cook. 

TORREY, MARY El I EN. "Ell ie". 340 East 
St., Weymouth. FP — Work. 

TRACY, JOYCE M. 131 Mt. Vernon Rd., 
W., Weymouth. Russian Club, Ski Club. 
Ballet, swimming, sailing, sewing. It's a 
funny thing about life; if you refuse to ac- 
cept anything but the best, you very often 
get it. — W.J. Connor. FP — College. 
MME — Going to New York. 

TRAVERS, ARTHUR J. 1799 Commercial 
St., E. Weymouth. FP — Wildlife Manage- 

TROTT, JOANNE M. 136 Puritan Rd., E. 

TUCCI, ROSALIE J. "Rose". 59 Randall 
Ave., Weymouth. Work as a nurses aide in 
a nursing home. FP — Registered Nurse. 

TURNER, ERIC S. 32 Colasanti Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Senior Class Treasurer, Junior 
Usher, Student Council. Partying with 
friends. FP — College. 

"Mike", "Micky". 166 Evans St., N. 
Weymouth. Prom Committee, Cap and 
Gown Committee. Parties, Night Clubs, 
dancing, working at Burger Kingm FP — 
Fashion Merchandizing. 

WALKER, DANIEL F. "Dan". 20 Alta Rd., 
Weymouth. Varsity Hockey Team. FP — 

WALLING, WILLIAM D. "Bill'. 36 Loch- 
mere Ave., N. Weymouth. Honor Roll. 
Sports and concerts. FP — College. 

WALSH, NANCY A. 51 Center St., E. 
Weymouth. Swim Team, Prom Com- 
mittee, Reflections. Swimming, sewing, 
bowling. FP — Sewing. 

WELLS, VIRGINIA A. "Ginny". 354 Broad 
St., Weymouth. 

WERNER, DANIEL M. 920 Broad St., E. 
Weymouth. FP — Auto mechanic. 

WHITE, ANNE E. "Nancy". 289 Broad St., 
Weymouth. Project Share. Who me? FP — 
Nursery School Teacher. MME — Getting 
out at 2:05. 


WILLIAMS, JOHN A. 137 Essex St., 
Weymouth. Music student, Greater 
Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra. FP — 

WILLIAMS, JOHN R. "Jay". 17 Athens St., 
N. Weymouth. Soccer, Project Traces. 
Skiing, camping. FP — General con- 

WILSON, ROBERT D. 285 Green St., N. 
Weymouth. Skiing. FP — College. 

WINSLOW, PAUL A. 12 Remondini Rd., 
Weymouth. Yearbook, Honor Society, 
Prom Committee, Cap and Gown Com- 
mittee, Senior Nominating Committee. 
Hockey, work, motorcycle riding, horse- 
back riding, tennis, water skiing. FP — 
Medical school. 

WOELFLE, PATRICIA A. "Patty". 54 Peck- 
suot Rd., Weymouth. Ice skating, tennis. 
FP — Physical Therapy. 


WOOD, LEA A. 10 Babcock Ave., N. 
Weymouth. FP — Law. MME — School 

WORDEN, MARIE C. 32 Greenvale Ave., 
Weymouth. Horseback riding, nurses 
aide. FP — Travel. MME — A dream. 

WRIGHT, MARTHA J. "Marti". 283 North 
St., N. Weymouth. German Club, Ski 
Club. Project Share. FP — Travel. 

WRIGHT, STEVEN J. 28 Barsley Rdm, 
Weymouth. FP — Business Career. 

WYSOCKI, EDWARD J. 29 Lovell St., 

ZEOLI, DEBRA A. "Debby". 252C Lake St., 
E. Weymouth. Cooking, working with 
kids, Rolling Stones, Hot Tuna, and New 
Riders. FP — Work, marriage, go to Ger- 
nany, buy a van. MME — Going to 
Lennox to see Hot Tuna and the New 
Riders of the Purple Sage. 

ZIEGLER, ANNE M. 275 Middle St., E. 
Weymouth. French Club, Pep Club, Latin 
Club, Honor Society. Work after school in1 
dentist office. FP — Foreign Languages, 
interpreter for U.N. or Government. 


ADAMS, MICHAEL P. 18 Bonnie Rd., 
Weymouth, FP — Work. 

ALEMIAN, EDWARD. 35 Gilbert Rd., E. 
Weymouth. FP — Carpentry. 

AUSTIN, JAMES H. 23 Crescent Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Yearbook. FP — Cabinet- 

BARNES, KENNETH A. 43B Memorial Dr., 
Hockey. FP — Hockey player. 

BEHNING, BRUCE A. "Ben". 30 Spring St., 
Weymouth. Football, Lacrosse. FP — 
Sheet Metalist. 

BERIO, RICHARD. "Richie". 1294 Wash- 
ington St., Weymouth. Do unto others 
before they do unto you. FP — Army and 
further schooling. MME — When I got my 


BRACK, WILLIAM F. "Bill". 65 Vine St., 
Weymouth. Hockey. That's a bargain. FP 
— Draftsman. 


BURKE, BRIAN J. "Buke". 91 Standish St., 
N. Weymouth. 

CAHOON, GEORGE B. 104 Cedar St., 
Weymouth. Football, baseball, hockey. FP 


— Travel around the United States. 

CAHOON, ROBERT J. "Bob". 88 Harding 
Ave., Weymouth. Basketball, working on 
vans. FP — Body work. 

CALLAHAN, WILLIAM F. "Bill". 111 Bel- 
mont St., Weymouth. Hockey, Lacrosse. 
Riding motorcycles. FP — Working trades. 

Rd., Weymouth. Open House for Voc, 
working on cars. FP — Working trades. 

St., Weymouth. Football, hockey, base- 
ball, basketball. FP — Navy. 

CATANIA, STEVEN C. 28 Glen Rd., E. 
Weymouth. Golfing, baseball, basketball, 
football. FP — Furniture and cabinet- 
making shop. 

CAZEAULT, JON TRACY. 605 Bridge St., N. 
Weymouth. FP — State Police. 

COATES, JEFFREY C. "Jeff. 25 Sandy Way, 
N. Weymouth. Skiing. FP — Cameraman. 


CONTRINO, ROBERT M. "Ruben". 72 
Harding Ave., Weymouth. Works on cars. 
FP — Own and operate his own business. 
MME — Meeting two runaway girls. 

CORLISS, CHARLES J. "Charlie". 1617 
Main St., S. Weymouth. FP — Work. 

COTREAU, ROBERT J. "Ribbet". 1122 
Bedford St., Whitman. FP — College. 
MME — Going out with Debbie. 

CRAIG, JON M. 59 Webb St., Weymouth. 
Small building jobs and cook. FP — 
Working trade. 

CROOKS, SCOTT E. 418 Summer St., 
Weymouth. Project Part-time. Working on 
cars. Do unto others as they would do 
unto you. FP — Further schooling. 

DALY, RICHARD J. "Ricky". 33 Gilmore 
St., N. Weymouth. Hockey. FP — Printer. 


DESMOND, TIMOTHY E. "Desi". 81B Me- 
morial Dr., E. Weymouth. Camping, dirt 
bike riding. FP — To become successful in 
whatever I choose. MME — The first day 
we had a new theory teacher. 

Main St., S. Weymouth. Work, skiing. FP 

— Printing trade. 

DIERSCH, RICHARD A. 176 Middle St., E. 

DINNEEN, JEFFREY B. "Jeff". 80 Mediter- 
ranean Dr., Apt. 36, Weymouth. Ski Club. 
Skiing. FP — Ski instructor. MME — Ski 
trip to Ascuttney with Paul Reggio and 
Jack Pantanio. 

DiTOCCO, DAVID A. "Mario". 100 Great 
Hill Dr., N. Weymouth. 


DOYLE, KEVIN. 41 Gilbert Rd., E. 
Weymouth. Sports, drawing, and listening 
to the radio. FP — Printer or Commercial 

DRISCOLL, ROBERT A. 51 Charles Diersch 
St., Weymouth. Backpacking, skiing, mo- 
torcycles. FP — Work for the Currier 
Printing Co., N.H. 

EBERT, JOHN KEVIN. "Jack". 401 Broad 
St., Weymouth. Student Council. COOP 
at Court Square Press. FP — Work at 
Court Square Press and marriage. 

ESTANO, STEPHEN G. 513 Essex St., 
Weymouth. Work for a local tire com- 
pany, drag racing. FP — Sheetmetal 

FARDY, DAVID J. 41 Hannian Dr., 

FORSTER, MICHAEL. 69 Academy Ave., 
Weymouth. Working on cars. 

FRANKS, ARTHUR L. 109 Birchbrow Ave., 
N. Weymouth. 

FRISBIE, NEAL F. 101 Main St., Marshfield. 
Making money, going to parties. FP — To 
be rich. 

GALEWSKI, STEPHEN FM 22 Delorey Ave., 
N. Weymouth. FP — To be a carpenter. 

GARDNER, ROBERT A. 249 Ralph Talbot 
St., Weymouth. Drag racing. MME — Get- 
ting busted. 

GELSOMINI, JOHN P. "Gelso". 25 Prince 
St., Weymouth. Baseball. "Give me a 
break". FP — Continue in baseball. 

GREGOR, RICHARD A. "Rich". 52 Putnam 
St., Weymouth. Softball, billiards, foot- 
ball. FP— Work. 

HAMMOND, RICHARD W. "Richie". 60 
Soper Ave., Weymouth. 

HEGER, KEVIN W. "Harley". 18 Bicknell 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Project Part-time, 
student government. Baseball, hockey, 
water skiing, auto body work, carpentry. 
Hey Armando! Armando Cepata! FP — 
Carpentry or auto body work. MME — 
Totaling my car. 

HODGDON, WILLIAM A. "Flamingo". 352 
Front St., S. Weymouth. Motor cycles. To 
live you must nearly die. FP — Carpenter 
and volunteer fireman. MME — My first 
motor cycle. 

HOFFMAN, DOUGLAS E. "Pete". 104 
Front St., Weymouth. Project Part-time, 
Elementary Industrial Arts. Skiing. FP — 
To continue in the carpentry trade. 

Phillips St., Weymouth. Football, hockey, 
baseball. FP — Auto Mechanics. 

HOLMES, JOHN H. 88 Thompson Rd., 
Weymouth. Elementary Industrial Arts 

program. Boy Scout, model railroading. FP 

— Navy. 

JACKSON, JEFFREY J. "Jeff". 1372 Pleasant 
St., Weymouth. Likes to goof off. FP — 
Horse around. 

KABILIAN, PAUL J. "Cab". 113 Thompson 
Rd., E. Weymouth. Working on cars, 
dating girls. Dynomite and Baby, is that 
you. FP — Going to Aero Tech. MME — 
My surprise birthday party in May of 75. 

KEHOE, RICHARD. 76 Downer Ave., 
Hingham. FP — Metal working. 

KELLY, DANIEL W. "Dan". 25 Soper Ave., 

KOHLER, GLEN D. 7 Morell St., N. 
Weymouth. MME — Getting kept back. 

LAFAVRE, BRUCE E. 33 Sunrise Dr., 
Weymouth. Carpentry jobs. FP — To live. 

LAMBE, WILLIAM L. 13 Maple St., 
Weymouth. Boats, cars. FP — Become a 

LANDRY, JOSEPH E. "Moose". 7 Baker 
Ave., Weymouth. Working on cars, work- 
ing with wood. FP — Navy. MME — Put- 
ting my first engine in a car. Rebuilding 
my car. 

LAVIGNE, EDWARD J. "Kielbasi". 859 
Temple St., Whitman. Work, sports, out- 
doors, girls, cars. He who does nothing 
tends to become nothing. FP — College, 
marriage. MME — Going to the Voc. 

LENNOX, SCOTT W. 55 High St., E. 
Weymouth. Working on cars, going to the 
drag races. FP — Service. 

LUNDGREN, DAVE A. "Slimey", "Muffin". 
55 Summer St., Abington. Hunting. MME 

— Being hung over balony. 

MacLEISH, JOHN D. "Magoo". 5 King 
Cove Rd., E. Weymouth. Lacrosse. FP — 
Service. MME — Day I fell out of a tree. 

MacNEIL, DANIEL J. 129 Auburn St., 
Whitman. Racing motorcycles, hunt. You 
don't know what you get till its gone. 
MME — My first race. 

MAHAR, WILLIAM P. 80 Forest St., S. 

MANAUSA, NEIL R. "Pres.". 76 Putnam St., 
E. Weymouth. Senior class President of 
Voc, V.P. of National Honor Society, 
Yearbook, Band, Student Council. Works 
for Screen Printing Co., coin collecting, 
skiing, Student Advisory Council. FP — 
Plans to attend the Rochester Inst, of 
Tech. Hopes to own and operate a print 
shop. MME — Running for Senior Class 

MASKELL, HOWARD R. "Howie". 9 Joan 
Terrace, E. Weymouth. Dirt biking. 

MASURET, JAMES F. "Maz". 15 Great Hill 
Dr., Weymouth. Secretary, Treasurer. FP 

— Civil engineer. 


MATTINA, ANCELO. "Ang". 38 Madison 
St., Weymouth. Motorcycles, football, fast 
cars and girls. FP — Hopes to get a good 
paying job in the future. 

MATTSON, CHARLES S. 151 Roosevelt 
Rd., Weymouth. "Chuck". Working on 
cars. FP — Join the service or get a car- 
pentry job. 

McAULIFFE, STEVE M. "Mac". 11 River 
Bank Rd., Weymouth. 


McFARLAND, RICHARD. "Mack". 54 Wes- 
sagussett Rd., Weymouth. Lacrosse. 

McCRATH, TERRENCE M. "Terry". 24 
Lakeview Rd., E. Weymouth. Honor Soci- 
ety, Yearbook, Student Council. Sports. 

MEENAN, PAUL M. 9 Bicknell Rd., N. 
Weymouth. Baseball, football, hockey, 
basketball. FP — Carpenter. 

MOLICNANO, JOHN W. 29 Canacum Rd., 
N. Weymouth. 

MULVANEY, MICHAEL J. "Moe". 3 Davids 
Island Rd., Weymouth. 

MURRAY, RICHARD J. 56 Randall Ave., 
Weymouth. Hockey, lacrosse. Sports, 
health club. FP — Marines or just a life of 
leisure. MME — When the North High 
Hockey team went as far as the Boston 

MURRAY, RICHARD M. "Richy". 32 
Mandalay Rdm, S. Weymouth. Working on 
cars. FP — Going to school for Elec- 
tronics. MME — Pulling my 400 (cubic). 

NICUM, MIKE. 238 Lake Shore Dr., Foot- 
ball, baseball. FP — Coast to coast driver. 

NISTA, THOMAS. "Ned". 19 Charles 
Diersch St., Weymouth. Football. 

NOYES, CHARLES. "Charlie". 25 Grant St., 
E. Weymouth. Working on cars. FP — 
Owning an Auto Body shop and racing 

O'CONNOR, DAVID M. "Rocket". 72 
Academy Ave., Weymouth. 

OLSON, PAUL W. 54 Village Rd., 
Weymouth. Project Part-time. 

OWEN, FRANK M. 105 Lambert Ave., E. 
Weymouth. Project Part-time. 

PANTANO, JOHN P. "Jack". 19 Frank Rd., 
Weymouth. Soccer, Wrestling. 

Brae Rd., Weymouth. Soccer. I'll bat your 
eyebrows. FP — Army. 

PERRY, WILLIAM J. "Bill". 125 Randolph 
St., Weymouth. Hockey. 

PIEPIORA, JOHN CM "PePe". 118 Summer 
St., S. Weymouth. 

POWERS, ROBERT M. "Bob". 75 Lorraine 
St., E. Weymouth. Project Part-time. What 
a bargain. FP — Get into the carpentry 
union. MME — Buying a race car in 75. 

REGGIO, PAUL E. "Reg". 11 Howard St., 
N. Weymouth. Hockey, motorcycles. 
"Where's the party". 

RELLO, NICHOLAS. "Nick". 155 Fort Point 
Rd., N. Weymouth. Welding, swimming, 
sailing. FP — Exploring the world. 

REYENGER, DANA G. 78 Lake Shore Dr., 
E. Weymouth. Lacrosse. 

RICCIARDI, MICHAEL J. "Mike". 88 Wes- 
sagussett Rd., N. Weymouth. Works as a 
rigger at No. Wey. Marina. Live every day 
as it comes. FP — Carpenter. MME — The 
summer of 75. 

RITCHIE, RALPH G. 126 Park Ave., S. 
Weymouth. Collects snakes, FP — Work 
with sheet metal. 

SANDS, HOWARD C. "Chuck". 24 Ivy Rd., 
S. Weymouth. Stockcar racing, baseball, 



SCOTT, WILLIAM E. 23 Broad St., Place, 
Weymouth. Cars, girls, money, work. 
Don't worry about it, I never do nothing 

SEAMANS, MARK S. 209 Pierce Rd., Have 
a good time. FP — College. 

SHARLAND, BRIAN K. 23 High St., E. 
Weymouth. Hunting, partying. FP — 
Cross country, the service. MME : — 

SIMPSON, GLENN P. "Simpa". 202 Green 
St., N. Weymouth. Motorcycle, cars, foot- 
ball, and girls. 

SIROIS, PAUL L. 71 Newbert Ave., 
Weymouth. Check, check, and double 
check. Owning a house in N.H. FP — To 
own his own shop where he can make his 
own furniture. 

SMITH, EDWARD. "Eddie". 34 Ridge Rd., 
Marshfield. Cars and work. MME — 
Coming to the Voc. 

Saunders St., Weymouth. Football, dirt- 
bike. FP — Army. 

STEVENS, RICHARD L. "Dick". 49 St. Anne 
Rd., Weymouth. National Honor Society, 
Project Part-time, Junior usher. Co-op. 

Works at S.S. Hospital. Measure twice — 
cut once. FP — To be rich and travel. 
MME — Graduation day. 

SULLIVAN, ROBERT F. "Sully". 66 Jaffrey 
St., Weymouth. Project Part-time, likes to 
ride dirt bikes. Par-r-rty. MME — Getting 
a broken leg. 

SULLIVAN, STEPHEN. "Sully". 79 Rinaldo 
Rd., Weymouth. Cars, football, hockey, 
baseball, and girls. FP — Hopes to get a 
job with general maintenance. 

TENNEY, BEN R. "Ben". 203 Pond St., 
Weymouth. Yearbook. U.S. Coast Guard 
Auxiliary Boating. If it works, do it. FP — 
Coast Guard. 

morial Dr., Weymouth. Project Part-time. 
Measure twice, cut once. FP — Move to 
New York. 

TIRRELL, WILLIAM M. 36 Clinton Rd., 
Weymouth. Project Part-time. FP — Auto 
Mechanics, travel around the world. 

TOBIN, MICHAEL J. "Toby". 1074 Pleasant 
St., E. Weymouth. Partying. Welcome to 
Quiff City. 

TOMA, GEORGE A. "Timmy". 665 Broad 
St., Weymouth. Vice-Pres., r-lonor Society, 
Co-op. Work, music, girl watching, vans, 
parties. See no evil. 

TORRESSEN, BRETT A. 385 Broad St., Proj- 
ect Part-time, sports. Measure twice, cut 
once. Travel the world. MME — Getting 
my first car. 

TRIBOU, JOHN R. "BooBoo". 14 Mt. 
Vernon Rd., E. Weymouth. Honor Society, 
Yearbook, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. 
Boating and fishing. It is better to be 
silent and thought stupid than to open 
your mouth and prove it. FP — Travel. 

WALL, RAYMOND E. 454 Ralph Talbot St., 
Weymouth. Project Part-time. CB radio. 
FP — Fire dept. or police and com- 
munications. MME — Working as usher at 
Rolling Stones Film. 

WARLICK, JAMES T. 38 Queen Annes 
Gate, Weymouth. 

WELLS, ROBERT C. 354 Broad St., 
Weymouth. Wrestling, lacrosse. Hockey, 
football. FP — Service. 

WHEATON, GLENN H. 65 Wilson Ave., 
Weymouth. Baseball, co-op plan. Sports. 
Measure twice, cut once. FP — To con- 
tinue trade as a carpenter. MME — 
Playing baseball for the school. 

WYMAN, RUSSELL G. 124 Donnellan 
Circle, N. Weymouth. 


Linda Kilburn 
In Memoriam. 

Her heart danced in the colored lights 
of smiling faces. 
Music flowed through her lips, 
running with the tide. 
She wandered along the sun's paths, 
whistling to the breeze. 
Love skipped beside her. 
They whirled in circles, she and love, 
with their laughter sweeping 

through fields of daisies. 
Her words streamed through 
empty souls, 
offering precious gifts. 
She gazed through time's window, 
with the eyes of tomorrow. 


My life goes ever on and on 

From the time whence it began, 

And now the time has finally come, 
For me to fly if I can. 

I come to flight with eager feet 

To try this new found way, 
Where many hopes and dreams will meet 

And whither I can not say. 

\ in 

To feel the wind upon my face, 
to know the weightlessness of space. 

The sky is but a deep blue shroud, 
as now I sail above the cloud: 
and down below the earth is still, 
and life is just a space to fill. 

The trees are so far away, 
while down below by fields of hay, 
the silence of this mystery, 
is trying to fly away with me. 

But as I soar and glide through time, 
I realize that this dream 's not mine. 

It 's inside every man I know, 
to reach the place where none can go. 

Jeff Porter 



Weymouth Vocational Technical High School 

Richard M. Murray 

William Perry 



Robert Cahoon Thomas Holbrook John Piepiora 



James Austin Brian Burke Steven Catania 



Glenn Wheaton 



Thomas Nista 




James Warlick 


John F. Collins, 

Richard F. Harding, 
Assistant Director 

# ■ ■ • 

Helen A. Chester 

Margaret M. Ryan 


Kenneth Blasser 




Kenneth L. Perez 

Robert F. Stenberg 

Eugene V. Stenstrom 

* • .* 

H. Leland Sanger 

Steven B. Smith 






r 9 









N is never-dying spirit, O is for one and all who share 

H is history in the making and to prove there's no 

never dying spirit, O is for one and all who share it 

it, R is reaching for the best, T is topping all the rest, 

mistaking who's gonna win Weymouth North. N is 

R is reaching for the best, T is topping all the rest, 




1976 Back Row — Debra 
Doyle, Amy Sears, Joanne 
Corbo, Gail Alemian, Penny 
Alemian (pres.), Linda 
Norton, Barbara Keith, 
Elayne Phillips, Kathleen 
Donadio. Left Table — 
Susan Powers, Kathleen 
Chaisson, Teresa Pompeo, 
Eleanor O'Neil, John Ash- 
land (treasurer), David 
Marini. Right Table — 
Lauren Barnes, Kathleen 
Kearney, Susan Alemian, 
Terese Burnett (secretary), 
Karen Cicchese, Mary Lou 

CHEFS CLASS — 1st Row — Joe 
Loud, Orlando Cavallo, Miss 
Dentino, Richard Linehan, John 
Ashland, Robert Filaccio, Rich- 
ard DeLuca. 2nd Row — Kevin 
McGonnigal, Jon Perette, Steve 
Harrison, Kevin Shields. 3rd Row 
— Billy Jacques, Jim Devine, 
Keith Spain. 


— Dave Remondini, Jean 
Martin, Mr. Chiorse, Anne 
Dalfo, Valerie Shand. 2nd 
Row — Karen Noble, 
Marianne Murphy, Judi 
George, Bernis Soper, Patti 
George. 3rd Row — Joanne 
O'Neil, Lynn Willauer, 
Rhonda Summerlin, Ginny 
Sheehan, Glenn Holt. 


Murphy, Mr. Miley, Jeanne Powers. 2nd Row — Tara Coveney, 
Gail Gumpright, Susan Kamash. 3rd Row — Linda Endres, Richard 

MATH TEAM — 1st Row — Ellen Reid, Rosemarie Martinson, Bernice 
Soper, Carol McDonald. 2nd Row — Holly Adams, Robin Hosmer, Joyce 
McDonald. 3rd Row — Miss McDonald, Mr. Green 

RUSSIAN CLUB — 1st Row — Mike Zunino, Helen Lundquist, Kathy Donadio, Sandy Blanchard, Maura Joyce, Ms. K. Roubicek. 2nd Row — 
Joyce Tracy, Ed Lyskey, Dan Masison, Brendon McMannis, Bill McDonnell, Gill Lopez. 3rd Row — Ed Robinson, Jackie Brady, Mike Masison, 
Mike McMann, Jimmy Gleason, John Granfield. 

Row — Mr. Riley, Elizabeth 
Curtin, Catherine Collins, 
Nancy Walsh, Joan Ahearn, 
Lisa Binney, Carol Sansone, 
Annette Mangone. 2nd Row 
— Lee Noris, Christine Cun- 
niff, Jeri Cassese, Theresa 
Gillis, Cynthia Peruzzi, Susan 
O'Connor, Grace Noonan. 
3rd Row — Kathleen Daly, 
Terese Merten, Pamela 
Binney, Janet Greene 

SOCCER TEAM — 1st Row 
Mr. Shoff, Thomas Duffy, 
Mark Rennie, John Doherty, 
Joe Loud, Mike Kalaijian, Dave 
Chase, Mike Rafferty, John 
Shields. 2nd Row — Dave 
Crowley, Jerry Taccini, Dan 
Gallivan, Bob Gambon, Billy 
Jacques, Angelo Gentile, Paul 
Bettle, Joe Devine. 3rd Row — 
Paul McAuliffe, Jim Melody, 
Paul Roy, Mike DeYeso, Leo 
DiAngelo, Mark Wyman, Bob 
Bagley. 4th Row — Paul 
O'Connor, Bill Lopez, Dan 
Masison, Robert Lowell, Jim 




■H w mam* 

BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY— 1st Row— Chris Kelly, 
Ken McMahon, Peter Davenport, William McDon- 
nell, Louis Wells. 2nd Row — Steven Broadford, 
Ronald Evans, Mark Driscoll, Fred Allen. 3rd Row 
— Linus Kelly, Scott Hayford, Ronald Maltz 

BOYS' WINTER TRACK — 1st Row — William McDonnell, Kenneth McMahon, 
Orlando Cavallo, Peter Davenport, James Hoyt, Leonard Stewart, David D'Angelo, 
Michael Emde. 2nd Row — Judith Merrill, Marguerite Cronin, John Beasley, Alan 
Dwyer, Anthony Cavallo, Geoffrey Durant, Roy Brown, Edward Mai ley, Daniel 
Masison, Mark Driscoll, Stephanie Garbarczuk, Leslie Garbarczuk. 3rd Row — Mr. 
O'Leary, Cynthia Peruzzi, Elizabeth Curtin, Lorraine Petterson, John Curtin, Edward 
Kramer, Scott Hayford, Ronald Maltz, George Donovan, Fred Allen, Richard Marani, 
Kathleen Frazier, Margaret Mathewson, Mr. Fuller 

GIRLS' GYMNASTICS — 1st Row — Karen Ganley, Susan 
Powers, Susan Ganley, Donna Miller, Miss Dempsey. 2nd 
Row — Gerri Cassese, Lisa Binny, Dawn Osborne, Linda 
Aries, Jean Bardon. 3rd Row — Lori Eacobacci, Janis 

BOYS' GYMNASTICS TEAM — 1st Row — Steve Petersen, 
Kenny Gullicksen, Richard Jakaus, joe Sweeney, Jim Clark, 
Victor Roussell. 2nd Row — Kevin Butler, Linus Kelly, 
Stephen AuCoin, Jack Garrity, Mark Sudbey. 3rd Row — 
John Keenan, Paul O'Conner, Kevin David, Michael Brazer. 


HOCKEY — 1st Row — Billy Jackson, Fred Show, Joe 
Ward, Greg McDonald, Jim Dorman, Allan Pendergast, 
Steve Flanagan, Robert Stokes, Scot Mulveyhill, Brian 
Cusick, Michael Dempsey. 2nd Row — Mr. Chiorse, Joe 
Devine, Rick Johnson, Gary Russo, Dale Deacon, Jim 
Kundzicz, David Veno, Pat O'Sullivan, Ronnie Yourell, 
Scott Ambler, John Sheehan 

VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM — 1st Row — Billy Callahan, 
David Stokes, Mark Leahy, Dan Walker, Barry Keefe, Jim 
Devine, Billy Jetter, Steve Bell. 2nd Row — Chris Cazeault, 
Mike Kalaijian, Brian Cusick, Mike King, Marty King, Jack 
Anderson, Johnny Shields, Jon Perrette, Rick Castagnozzi, 
Bob Donovan 


GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL — 1st Row — Janet Sullivan, 
Janet Ranstrom, Cerri Griffin, Jane Reddish, Cathy Turpel, 
Mr. Shoff. 2nd Row — Ellen Gowen, Jill Reddish, Deidre 
Kelly, Jean Devine, Marianne Mclntyre. 3rd Row — Mar- 
garet Dempsey, Diana Brigham. 

Spallino, Paul Pantano, Mark Sitva, William Hass, Mr. 
Taubaut. 2nd Row — Joe Clancy, Philip Graceffa, David 
DelVecchio, Paul Ledwell. 3rd Row — Jeff Nummelin, Pat 
Gauntley, Mike Downing. 4th Row — Peter Gomez, 
George McBurnie 


1 10 


1975 FOOTBALL TEAM — 1st Row — Equipment Manager — Charles Butler, Paul DeVincent, Anthony Cavallo, James Dorman, Gerald 
Cullivan, William Jackson, Mathew Ziegler, Co-Captain — James Hoyt, Co-Captain — Barry Keefe, Donald Morse, John Gallagher, Ken Ab- 
bott, Mathew Pettegrasso, Richard Maconochie, Daniel Antonowicz, Michael Sudbey, Manager — John Melody. 2nd Row — Coach — John 
McPherson, Manager — Jack Lamb, Steven Oliver, John Ashland, Arthur Murphy, Orlando Cavallo, Edward Moore, David Scott, Ken Doolin, 
Joseph Leighton, Patrick Sullivan, Mark Leahy, Allan Feeney, Joe Sweeney, Robert Evans, Paul Atwater, Robert Jewett, John Sheehan, Brian 
Cusick, Coach — George Player. 3rd Row — Coach — James Taubert, John Snyder, Jeff Pickering, Stephen Bell, Jeff Durant, David D'Angelo, 
Leonard Stewart, Marty King, James Lockhead, Arthur Hamilton, Bruce Behning, Richard Deluca, William Beard, Kevin Devine, Tim Taylor, 
Coach — Ken Blasser, Trainer — Tony Z. 





Don Larkin 

Tara Coveney 

Debbie Hone 

Nancy Cornell 

Lisa McKenney 

Susan Ganley 

Stephen Chop 

Linda Endres 

Donna Hall 

Marcia St. John 

Terri Anderson 

Eugene Stenstrom 


Suzanne Lovering 

Melvin Dunn 

Ginny Sheehan 

Tom Maynard 

Judi George 


Cheryl Garofalo 


Graham Toon 

Anne Boren 

Paul Cullen 

Ginny Sheehan 

Karen Stefany 


Jeffrey Porter 

Pam Daley 

Maryanne Hankard 

Nancy MacCallum 

Janet Clapp 

Leslie Teasdale 

Meg Mathewson 


Donna Melville 

Linda Norton 


Steve Broadford 

Daryle McGraph 

Tracy Burnett 

Colleen McGrory 

Ron Howe 

Kathy Curran 

Donna Powers 

Kathy Donadio 

Kathy Cushman 

Literary Editor 

Paul Fiorini 

Sue Gutterson 

Diane Hastry 

Mary Hass 

Warren Marble 

Tom Maynard 

Janice Haggar 

Virginia Sheehan 



Boo Boo Iribou 

ferry M( ( ,r.iph 

Mike N.isiiIi 

Nid Manausa 



dave dinger 

dave dinger 

<^>\ FORD 


75 Granite St. 
Jet. 128 & 37 
Braintree, Ma. 


Jannell Ford 

Main St. — Rt. 18 
South Weymouth, Ma. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lambros 

Vini St. Pierre 

Congratulations To The Class Of 1976 
My Sincerest Wishes To Each Graduate 
For Success In The Future 

Senator McKinnon 







4 61 Washington Street - Route 53 
Weymouth, Mass. 02188 -Tel. 617-337-6577 




Class of "76" 
"I am proud to be one of you" 


32 Sea St., N. Wey., Ma. 



PHONE 335-4734 Rockland, MA 02370 



Delicious Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders 

"Call your orders before leaving home- 

They will 

779 Broad St. 
E. Wey., Ma. 02189 
Phone 337-6996 

be ready on arrival." 

Buy five pizzas (any size) and 
get one 10" cheese pizza FREE! 


"«» CMISI 
«0ASI till 






Best Wishes from 


North Quincy, Ma. 

Free Pickup and 
Delivery Service 


Automotive Heating & Cooling, Inc. 


415 Middle St. - E. Weymouth — 335-9142 



1455 Commercial St. 
E. Wevmouth, Mass. 



Professional Dog 
Grooming and 

Tropical Fish 

Complete Supplies 
for Dog & Fish 

Open 7 Days A Week 
Prop. William Schleill 

Allan M. Golden 


Joseph L. Brackman 


127 Washington St. 
Weymouth Landing, Ma. 


Good Luck Graduates 

Retail Produce Discount Soda 

Daily Specials 






WEY., MA. 


D. D. S. 

766 BROAD ST. 
E. WEYMOUTH, MA. 02189 





Weymouth, Hanover, Braintree, Dorchester 




Distinctive Wallpaper — Touraine Paints 
1436 Pleasant St., E. Wey. ? Ma. 02189 
Tel. 335-5256